Epic Education 31: Caught in the Web 2

Caught in the Web pt 2

Hello and welcome to Epic Education – a show of tips and tactics for surviving epic content.  I’m your guide Shamgar and this is Episode 31: “Caught in the Web pt 2” – “Web Crawling”

Last time we found Ana and beat back Lolth to give ourselves a chance to escape.  To do so we need to guide Ana across the demonweb and past a variety of mobs assembled by Lolth.

The path is very simple and despite what appears to be a very confusing map and series of twisting islands, there is a mostly linear path and it is always the same (and you can practice by exploring the demonweb explorer area).  Once you have found Ana the way out is due west (if you get lost or left behind just remember to try and go west at every opportunity).  There is 1 optional portal along the way and there is a small branch at one point to the south towards a 2nd optional portal.  If at any point you fall off into the void of the web you will die and you will be dropped at the res shrine where you first found Ana.

You will need to fight several spiders, driders, and drow as well as a few bebiliths. When you kill these mobs they will generally be reborn as undead versions. There are also a handful of dretch and hezrou. All of these mobs will be triggered when Ana reaches certain points throughout the map. It is possible to run by some mobs and they will often get caught in the web’s twisting terrain, but do so sparingly because you will only incur serious dungeon alert.  Ana will not have problems keeping up with you.  Even if she gets stuck she will teleport to her babysitter.

All of the driders and dragoloths are oranged named and all of the bebiliths are red named making them more problematic with higher alerts.  Drow come in 3 varieties.  The most prominent are the drow archers (who use acid arrows).  The second are not very common, they are oranged named necromancers (arcane casters) who amongst other things cast niac’s biting cold.  The third drow are the most problematic: the mistresses.  These are red named divine priestesses that are divine casters with spells like cometfall, holds, fear, energy drain and divine punishment.  This makes them one of the most dangerous mobs you will encounter.  They also have the ability to sacrifice nearby living monsters when they get low in hit points.  This will instantly kill whatever is sacrificed regardless of its health and will fully heal the mistresses.  It also grants them a buff that gives them resistance to most forms of damage for a short period of time.  This sacrifice ability has a decent range and may require you to look around corners to prevent it.  They cannot sacrifice other priestesses or undead mobs.

Some groups (especially on harder difficulties) will use this to their advantage. Instead of attacking the larger and more physically damaging bebiliths groups will sometimes attack nearby mistresses to sacrifice the beefier bebiliths. You will still have to deal with their undead versions, but it can sometimes be easier to beat up the squishier mistresses rather than the live bebelith.  It is however, much more preferable to kill the archers and spiders before tackling the mistresses.  They are far less durable and should not take too much time to kill.  Particularly on elite, it can be beneficial to have someone with evasion kite mistresses around to prevent the main party from being constantly hit with cometfalls. Especially as you run into more of them at a time it can be helpful to run around corners often to prevent their spells from landing (especially divine punishment).  It is more effective to have your DPS act as a pack killing the same mobs as much as possible, especially with the bigger mobs.

Along the way there are 2 optionals each granting an additional raid chest (though they do not drop heroic commendations).  Additionally, doing these Optionals (which involves having Ana destroy orbs) gives Ana more health which leads to yet another raid chest.  To destroy these orbs you will first need to defeat their guardians.

Each of these Optionals is accessed through a portal within the demon web. The first is along the path on the way out, the second is on a large island to the south of the path out of the web.  This island is south of the large island with 4 mistresses and a host of driders are.  Going through these portals lands you on an independent island with only the portal as a way out, but that portal disappears once Ana (or rather her babysitter) goes through.  The portal will not reopen until you kill what’s inside.  The only way out is to jump off the edge to death, but this is not a path that Ana can follow so if you plan to go into a portal make sure you can win lest Ana be seriously beat up.

The first of these orbs is guarded by a glabrezu.  His island has a roof of spikes that he will throw the entire party up into.  The second island has a beefy bebilith.  Both islands have respawning trash consisting of driders, dretch, spiders, hezrous, and drow.  The best strategy here is to have the bulk of your DPS on the boss because once they die trash will stop respawning.  Casters and ranged folk can kite the trash around (and kill some of it if they are able).  Kiters and healers will need to be aware that driders are good at tripping and mistresses can knock folks down with cometfall so a kiter might need some assistance at some point.  Once the big boys are down clean up the rest and destroy the orb.

On your way to the second optional you will encounter several mistresses on that portal’s island. If you want to save some time these are good mobs to skip. They will follow you up to the portal at the top of the island but are a bit slow since they try and cast a lot of spells.  On your way back out of the portal you can simply jump off the top of the island and run.  In most cases the mistresses will not find their way.  You can in fact run all the way to the third to last island past several mobs (preferably with Ana in the back and a bit behind) to skip most of these mobs. A few will make it to you there, but most will not.

Once you get to this island you will get another spawn of mobs. It’s the only island with a solid roof and has an archway to the west with a ramp going up and when Ana gets here Lolth will “grow weary of this game” and try to “crush you.” Clean this up and don’t take Ana up the ramp quite yet.  The final battle with Lolth is about to begin.

A final note: if you are dead you can jump off into the aether and land at the Rez shrine.  A handy tip if you get left behind or your party wipes.

That will end this week’s Epic Education.  If you have any questions, comments, or corrections you can email me at or visit myDDO blog at Join me next time as I continue discussing “Caught in the Web.”  Thanks for listening.

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