Raid Review 15: Fall of Truth

Raid Review 15: Fall of Truth

History: released in February 2013 with update 17 in conjunction with epic gianthold as the epic version of Reaver’ Fate. Update 17 patch 1 saw a fix to give the giants and dragons full health when they get back up instead of a very small amount of hit points.  It also fixed the Stormreaver’s special “boom” attack – which caused a momentary panic on the forums decrying the change as making the raid unbeatable.

Level: 25

Quest pack: Ruins of Gianthold

Flagging: flagging is exactly the same as Reaver’s Fate except you must run the epic versions of the quests. There are 3 quests to run: Return to the Prison of the Planes, Return to Madstone Crater, and Return to Cabal for One. Then you need to run the pre-raid, Return to Gianthold Tor, but you do not have to kill each of 3 dragons. There is no reflagging of any kind.

Objective: join forces with the Stormreaver to defeat his ancient arch enemy: The Truthful One.

Overview: lure The Truthful One into a trap set by the Stormreaver. To slay him you must defeat his 3 dragon disciples and destroy his doomsday device. Only then can you destroy the Truthful One as he turns the Stormreaver against you.

What’s really going on: do all 3 dragon fights from Tor at the same time and add in a Dracolich and the Stormreaver, some trash, and a doomsday device that looks suspiciously like a mailbox.

Best raid features: a very dynamic and fun massive boss fight. A relatively simple fight yes, but one where a highly coordinated group can excel. A wide variety of builds can find key roles to fill and if you leave one behind there are other options available to you.

The dragons are also great. They move and attack well and are a serious threat to contend with.

Worst raid features: the big bad, The Truthful One, could lose a foot race to a gelatinous cube.

Drop rates appear to be a little low as well. The raid chest bug (where you could get NO loot at all) was also pretty lousy

Prominent builds/Key roles: ranged builds should have great success here as will evasion tanks. Dragons have potent breath weapons that not only have elemental damage and a special effect, but make you more vulnerable to the other dragons’ energy type.

A Stormreaver tank is highly desirable, though tanking by committee is certainly possible.

Some ranged is required, the device you need to destroy is high in the air.

How we run it now: some groups run this with minimal direction and brute force, though with the fix to the giants and dragons getting back up with full health will demand them to have at least a little more coordination. Groups with highly coordinated tactics will generally see far more favorable results

Why we run it now: it’s fast, its fun, it has great loot, and drops a ton of heroic commendations.

Notable loot: heroic commendations and some great epic versions of old reader loot. The skybreaker, tablecloth, shield, and healer gloves are all great items.

What you need to know: you need to kill each dragon and giant pair within 10 seconds of each other. Their surnames (lies, silence, and confusion) indicate which giant is paired with which dragon (note that the pairings are different than Tor). If you kill 1 without the other they come back with full health. I recommend killing dragons first.

Also, if you aren’t supposed to be, if you find yourself face to face with a dragon run and run quickly.

Best way to fail: coordination is key. If you want to fail either don’t coordinate killing the pairs or mount a frontal assault charge on the Truthful One.

Bonus Tidbits: this raid concludes (probably) the Stormreaver Prophecy campaign arc culminating with the long awaited appearance of the Truthful One. If you are interested in some of the backstory, check out the House Phiarlan theatre.

Personal favorite moment: completing the first epic elite on Khyber with a party including 8 guilds. The raid was still very new and we were very much learning the idiosyncrasies. My barbarian had the fewest deaths at 1.

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