Raid Review 11: The Chronoscope

Raid Review 11: The Chronoscope

History: originally released in October 2010 with update 7, this raid has seen few changes (mostly just boss HP) but has been affected several times by changes to epic content (various insta kill balancing iterations) and gameplay changes related to epic (helpless penalties).

Level: heroic 6 – epic 21

Quest pack: Devil Assault

Flagging: none

Objective: help Nelle Gann investigate the disappearance of her brother Nat

Overview: Nelle is going back in time to the events of the marketplace invasion special live event to investigate what happened to her brother. She’s asked you to protect her.

What’s really going on: a series of 3 boss fights as you try and make up for the fact that you didn’t protect Nelle.  The first fight is with a vain armored orthon.  The second is against an orthon who is a ranged specialist.  The final boss is a conjoined abishai reminiscent of voltron/power rangers/transformers with an array of special attacks.

Best raid features: this raid was designed with new players in mind as an introduction to raiding.  Each boss fight helps players learn key tactical elements to the art of raiding (target selection, group movement, and special attacks).  Allows players to relive the events of the marketplace invasion live event (and go behind the scenes to play a role in them).

Worst raid features: again with the series of 1 room boss fights, but the bosses are engaging and dynamic and the first 2 rooms add to the fight more than they detract from it.

Prominent builds/Key roles: someone will be tanking the conjoined abishai, and evasion tanks have an advantage with all of his AoE spells and special attacks.

How we used to run it: there were often groups of level 20s running this quest on heroic elite (level 8) to get loot.  The power gamers laughed at these folks and ran it on epic.  There was a decent difficulty bump with the increase to boss hps, but we adjusted pretty quick.

How we run it now: the changes to epic in general and the advancement in gear made overpowered “loot” runs a thing of the past.  There’s still the occasional group that runs this on heroic at level for a bit of a challenge.

Why we used to run it: the Abishai set was pretty darn good, especially the gloves.  If you didn’t need anything the scrolls were good trading commodities.

Why we run it now: with the introduction of several more gear options, fitting in 3 or 5 pieces for a set has become very difficult so there isn’t much incentive to keep running this.  The base gear is nice for twink though.

Notable loot: the Abishai set, diabolist armor.  A complete lack of tomes.

What you need to know: in the first boss fight, kill the armorers.  If you don’t they heal the boss significantly.  In the last boss fight, if you see the boss transform into a red dragon or a white dragon run away (black or blue stick around).

Don’t get lost in the marketplace.  Giving the rest of your party red alert cause you couldn’t follow them is bad form.

Get a protection from evil, there are several mobs that cast greater command.

Best way to fail: have someone run around like an idiot in the marketplace during a boss fight giving a red alert.

Bonus Tidbits: this raid revisits the live event from February 2008 – the second anniversary Devil Invasion event.  Devs in fact had to recreate much of the old version of the marketplace.  It “continues” (by time travel) the Shavarath campaign arc.

It also (sort of) address the mysterious disappearance of the popular Nat Gann NPC who vanished during the invasion.

Personal favorite moment: it was pretty cool to see the market tent get destroyed the first time, its a great thing that new players can relive this event through this raid.

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