A Letter to DDOCast Listeners

A Letter to DDOCast Listeners

DDOCast has been a part of our lives for several years now, almost 300 episodes!  It has had many help by participants over the years.  Everything from weekly listeners, live chatters, segment producers, commercial makers, generous sponsors of prizes and gifts, and countless guests on the show.  DDOCast simply would not be what it is today, a show with an enormously rich history and a solid base of contributors, without any of these people.  However, it takes someone special to pull all of these people together and to steer the ship.

That started with Jerry, literally.  So long ago he started a podcast about DDO and you listened. And then you contributed and boarded his ship.  And then Jerry got a job at Turbine and a new phase began.  Sig and Anne took over. They helmed the podcast for a couple years and talked our way through the second generation of DDOCast and a fine job they did.  But that time has come and they have decided that they will step down from this role.  They will still be here participating and helping DDOCast (and perhaps we will see a return of the segment crunchy bits!) but as is often the case with life, things change, and sometimes people move on from something they love simply because they must move on from something to take on another thing they are interested in.

And that takes us to today and the beginning of the 3rd generation of DDOCast.  I have decided that I will step into the role and up to the challenge of the DDOCast producer.  It’s a daunting task stepping into a role so well filled for so many years by those before me.  I hope and pray that I can be worthy to those shoes.

I have already begun to look to this transition.  It won’t happen quite all at once, there will be transition.  I ask that you bear with me as I learn and stumble into the role, but I also want you to be excited like I am!  There are some things I hope to bring into DDOCast in the near future and beyond.  Don’t worry, I’m not looking to reinvent the wheel, but things might look and sound a bit different around here. 

However, I am not looking to do this alone.  I need your help.  If you aren’t a math person, let me do some for you: 1 person is replacing 2!  I’m a busy guy like many of you.  How can you help?  Well for starters, spread the word and introduce your friends and guild mates to DDOCast.  Then start contributing beyond just listening!  Here’s some ways you can be a bigger part of the DDOCast:

  •   Feed the Kobolds! – contribute $ and prizes.  Everything goes into the show for listeners.  None of the contributors get paid, but there are a few expenses involved with putting on a podcast.  There’s hosting services and equipment needs, but we also like to give prizes away.  If you have in game items you’d like to see find better homes please email us ( and if you’d like to contribute money you can visit our website and click on “feed the kobolds”
  •   Talk to the Kobolds! – ask us questions, send us email ( or find us on social media (Twitter, Facebook, G+). We talk a lot so we need more things to talk about.  Remember, this show is for you the listener.  We want to be talking about what you want to hear about!  To aid us in this endeavor, we have set up a survey we would like you to take a few moments to fill out.  The first 100 entries will be entered into a drawing for some turbine points!
  •   Inform the Kobolds – sometimes it can be a big job to keep up with all the news.  We try to keep track of all the news specific to DDO, the happenings going on in the DDO community, blogs, and forums, and we even try to pay attention to the gaming world at large.  That’s a lot to keep track of.  Here’s an invitation to become an Official DDOCast Reporter!  All you have to do is send us an email ( with a link to a news piece, a blog that caught your eye, or a forum thread you find particularly interesting.  You can even share your thoughts on what you send!
  •   Join the Kobold Union! – we are always looking for folks to start their own segments, make commercials, join our blogging team, and even join us as guests on the show!  So long as it’s respectful and of decent sound quality you can expect to hear it live on the air! To learn more about joining the podcast just send us an email (

Lastly, thank you.  Listeners are the life of DDOCast. Without you this would be an errant venture and almost no fun at all.  All of us here at DDOCast appreciate your support and ears over the years.  I know that I can expect the continued support from all of you going forward.




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  1. […] up the show from episode 301 on. Patrick has written an open letter about this to the DDO community here, and has put out a survey (and is bribing us to complete it with Turbine Points!) about the show […]

  2. Jerry

    I am excited to see/hear you work on the show! Best advice: Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Anyone who listened to the show from the start will know that doing this is a learning process, and you probably won’t start to think of yourself as an “expert” until you’ve made just about every mistake possible! 🙂

    I’m sure Sig and Anne are giving you lots of guidance, but I’m available as well any time you have a question. Good luck!

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