Release Note Reactions: 18.2

Release Notes: Update 18 Patch 2

These release notes were posted on Monday, June 24th, 2013.  My reactions are in red

News & Notes

Of Special Note

VIP Weekly Gold Roll

Once a week, VIPs now receive a free roll on the gold treasure chest of daily dice.

  • The daily dice window will display “VIP weekly” text when you are eligible to use your free VIP gold roll.
  • Using this weekly VIP gold roll will NOT expend your free/discount roll for the day.
  • I love freebies.  Extra free goodies are really hard to complain about!  That said, the interface for the daily dice is still something of a sore spot.  Its too easy to spend a bunch of shards if you dont understand it.  The “VIP Weekly” text is kinda small too.  But hey, I got a greater xp pot my first roll and its a nice VIP perk.


  • Spell Critical Enhancements for chance and damage multipliers should be both displaying the correct text and functioning correctly for all classes.  So is this fixed or was this a band-aid until enhancement changes drop as was previously indicated?


  • The Owlbear Defender hirelings (both level 17 and 25) have had the following changes:
    • Armor Class significantly increased
    • Fire Absorption increased from 20% to 50%
    • Cold Absorption increased from 20% to 50%
    • Acid Absorption increased from 20% to 50%
    • Electric Absorption increased from 20% to 50%
    • Sonic Absorption 50% added
    • They now have limited ability to heal themselves when at low health.
  • this should make these guys significantly more beefy.  I have a feeling they will still be a bit on the squishy side, but the level 25 one should at least be hardier than the panther.  My only concern is that these, or future, perma-hires arent better than the average PUG – otherwise in a year or so I’ll have a instant party with these guys.


  • Goggles found in random treasure are now once again cosmetically visible.
  • Corrected issues with Red and Violet Leaf cosmetic armors so that they no longer show up as Gold Leaf by mistake.
  • Items that can be equipped to the Cosmetic Headwear slot which have unique powers now automatically recharge 30 seconds after use.

Quests and Adventure Areas

  • Captain Hillard in the quest “Shadow of a Doubt” can no longer be killed by shadows (though he can still be taken out of the fight.) oops, that could be problematic
  • The Spinner of Shadows no longer goes brain dead when confronted with too much power, and the quest is once again available. The magical portal shortcut is no longer available. sweet, now I can go get those shards that are supposed to be dropping more reliably.  And on that note, someone at Turbine couldnt tell us the shards werent dropping realiably?  really?
  • Lizardfolk in Escape Plan should no longer free nonexistent prisoners  proof that turbine cheats too =)

Skills, Feats, & Abilities

  • The non-functional, non-takeable feat version of Ten Thousand Stars will no longer be listed as an option for monks taking their sixth level.


  • Monsters will no longer proclaim strange 4th-wall things during combat about squirming and nodes.  I noticed this with Ana in CitW mostly.  definately made me a little curious about things i previously didnt know i didnt know anything about.
  • Monsters no longer continue their actions when hit by crowd control effects. The previous fixes in earlier releases only stopped their movement, but now they actually don’t finish their attack or abilities if a crowd control effect interrupts them.  cool, i eagerly await the reintroductino of this feature/bug/thing that doesnt stay fixed.  anyone want to start a betting pool?


  • Moving around will no longer break induction bar-based objectives.
  • Fixed “The” broken loading screen tip. I had never gotten such a frequent tip.  I have gotten less helpful hints before though, maybe we could fix those too! (actually, they may have done this already, I stopped really reading those a few years ago).
  • Fixed embarrassing typo (“Aumanator”) in character generation screen.
  • Fixed a crashing issue related to wraiths.  can we fix instance crashing issues by zombies too?

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