Raid Review 9: Vision of Destruction


Raid Review 9: Vision of Destruction

Alternate names: VoD

History: Released with module 7 in June 2008, VoD has seen only minor tweaks to fix a few bugs and to add hard and elite only loot.  Probably the greatest change was when vorpal weapons were given a hit point limit and were no longer the weapon of choice for the barbazu devils, but that wasn’t a raid specific change.

Level: 18

Quest pack: Vale of Twilight

Flagging: there is no flagging required.  Initially flagging was done on a server basis.  Players would receive tokens for completing the other raids (except Abbott which was nearly unbeatable at the time) and then would turn them in to an npc.  Once enough tokens from each raid (they were raid specific not cumulative) were turned in the entire server became flagged for the Subterrane explorer area and the 2 raids (Hound of Xoriat and Vision of Destruction).

You do however have to run through the Subterrane each time to get to the quest.

Objective: defeat General Suulomades (Sulu).

Overview: a remnant of the invading devil army is still operating beneath House Deneith.  Defeat his devil troops and send him packing back to Shavarath.

What’s really going on: Fight Sulu in a small circular room.  He’s got some elite barbazu and elite orthons (red named) as well as fire bats.  Just keep fighting him until he dies or you do.  Watch out, the last waves of bats at the end go boom.

Best raid features: Sulu is a fairly dynamic raid boss.  He’s aggro list flushes, he has a variety of special attacks, and his healing curses add a nice dynamic.

Worst raid features: another 1 room boss fight (though there are a few traps to break it up).  The end of the fight difficulty drastically ramps up with exploding fire bats that can easily catch an unsuspecting party unprepared and cause a wipe.

Prominent builds/Key roles: a tank of some sort will be required to hold Sulu’s attention.  These days a damage mitigation tank is feasible, before the vast majority of tanks were high hit point high dps (or else they didn’t survive or hold aggro).  Warforged have always been popular for this because they can be repaired through curses.

There’s also several traps so most parties bring a rogue.

How we used to run it: aside from the 3 people on the server who had an AC tank, it was mostly a contest to see if the tank and healers could outlast Sulu.  While tank build and tank and healer skill were certainly important, party DPS was generally the deciding factor.

How we run it now: with actual tanking far more prevalent and viable, and with general power creep, Sulu gets pwned on the rare occasions we run this.  The biggest problem now is killing Sulu too fast and getting devils, orthons, and exploding bats all at the same time. 

Why we used to run it: tharne’s goggles were coveted by every melee as best in slot gear (still very nice though other options have become available). The bracers of the glacier were also very popular as an item with spell penetration 8 on it (and a cold shield proc).

Why we run it now: there’s a few new items on hard and elite only.  They are all pretty decent (and include a long sword that varies based on how paladin-ic you are).  Tharne’s goggles are still good, but there’s a few other goggle options for melee now. 

Notable loot: tharne’s goggles, glacier set, omniscience, divine vengeance.

What you need to know: disabling the traps is not necessary, you can hide in cubbies.  Attack Sulu from the rear unless you are a tank.  Bring plenty of remove curse potions.  Curses are your responsibility to remove.  If you aren’t using the guild version you can cast them on others (healers can save sp by using curse pots instead of the spell or switching to a wand). 

The exploding fire bats can tear a party up.  You can kill them pretty quick with minimal effort despite most groups preference to heal through.  There’s a few waves of them, but they are not unending. 

Best way to fail: ignore curses.  Move fast enough that you get devils, orthons, and exploding bats at the same time.

Best bug: for a time a critical fail on a trap box would cause it to continually explode.  Generally the result was massive lag. 

Bonus Tidbits: this raid continues the Shavarath campaign arc introduced with the Shroud and Vale (and is part of the same adventure pack) and is a direct follow up of the events of the marketplace invasion event (which can be replayed with some behind the scenes portions in the Chronoscope raid).

Personal favorite moment: running this raid on elite sans divine healer (we had 1 spell singer and a sorc reconner for a warforged tank) when level cap was 20.

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