Raid Review 4: Zawabi’s Revenge

Raid Review 4: Zawabi’s Revenge

Alternate names: DQ 2 (the pre-raid being DQ 1), Dairy Queen

History: Originally released with module 3 in October 2006, it received epic treatment 3 years later in October 2009.  It later received a small tweak by giving the boss the ability to cast comet fall 3 times on succession to combat the wide use of the “ball method.”  This raid saw further changes with the global epic changes in the MOTU expansion pack.

Level: 12 heroic – 22 epic

Quest pack: Demon Sands

Flagging: there are 3 quests in the desert explorer area that must be run once. Upon completing each you get an item you must the give to the raid quest giver (don’t throw them away unless you have already turned one in).  There is a 6 man pre-raid that must be run every time however.  Most raid groups form by having 2 groups run the pre-raid and then merge into 1 raid party.  No matter what anyone tells you, yes it’s a race to completion.

Objective: kill Queen Lailat

Overview: Zawabi is using his power to bind Lailat so you can kill her.  Do that.

What’s really going on: since the first 2 attempts didn’t work, go kill the 6 armed snake lady again.  Third time’s the charm.  Anything else you get to kill is bonus.

Best raid features: Queen Lailat was the first very dynamic raid boss.  While she didn’t have much in the way of special abilities, she was not a boss who just stood in place and went through the same motions.  She was also very well rounded being very strong in melee with an assortment of spells for ranged (especially a special version of blade barrier).  She even sports a beserker mode.  The ability to walk off the platform like an idiot but without being ejected from the quest was a nice touch.

Worst raid features: While the fight is very dynamic, the room is not.  Also, crippling archers are lame wherever they appear.  Epic loot was notoriously difficult to acquire, at least the good stuff.

Prominent builds/Key roles: rangers were a very popular class to take since Lailat spends a good deal of time at points unreachable by melee and even when she is within reach her melee abilities were quite potent (especially with the initial available spells for healing being at best level 6).  Throw in evasion and you had a marilith killer.

These days a solid tank is handy too.

How we used to run it: Heroic – with as many rangers as we could find or bribe.  Generally speaking at best 1 hero might be employed while the brave would go for occasional backstabbing shots.  Mostly though we respected the 6 armed demon and kept our distance and went for the pewpewpew approach.

Epic – the “ball method” was the lamest tactic ever devised for a boss fight.  It consisted of piling the entire party onto 1 point so Lailat wouldn’t move around and knock anyone down.  Healers would spam mass heals while everyone swung for the fence while the queen hit everyone.  This method was really only good at one thing, creating lag.

How we run it now: Heroic – being stronger and better equipped taking on the queen in melee is much more feasible.  The changes to sword and board, intimidate, and the introduction of PRR allow for tanks which further make melee an option.  Casters also have DoTs now.

Epic – the Queen was given the ability to spam cast comet fall making the ball method a no go (thankfully).  Now we actually have to do it the right way, but its easier now with power creep and the changes to epic.

Why we used to run it: torcs were a big reason.  An item that gives you spell points back is always a hot commodity.  Chaos blades and marilith chain armor were also popular.  It was also pretty fun and challenging

Why we run it now: torcs, +4 tomes, and the belief that this run will be the run we actually pull a thornlord or ring of spell storing shard.

Notable loot: the torc, epic loot (for a long time a scroll of marilith chain was the priciest item out there costing many people more than 20 red dragon scales).

What you need to know: don’t fall, before you run out for dq1 make sure you talk to Zawabi twice and actually get the quest, don’t stand in the middle when the queen is low on health.

Best way to fail: use the ball method with bad healers, push healers off the edge

Bonus Tidbits: this was released the same time cap was increased to 12.  It was the first epic raid (and pack).  Featured the first marilith in game (if you count the pre raid).

Personal favorite moment: after being unable to find a second healer in a guild run I was informed I would be the only healer.  Since the other group was done with dq1 (we were holding our instance for the 12th person) I asked the raid leader to pick me up some death pact ingredients.  He proceeded to give me 70 diamonds even though I could only cast the spell once.  I didn’t die, we completed just fine, and I still have around 50 of them a year or 2 later.

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