Raid Review 3: TheTitan Awakes

Raid Review 3: The Titan Awakes

Alternate names: the Titan (yeah, not very original)

History: Released with module 2 in July 2006, this raid has never seen quest specific changes.

Level: 12

Quest pack: The Restless Isles

Flagging: first must complete Hiding in Plain Sight which opens access to the Restless Isles.  Once there must complete the 2 quests and acquire a completed sigil.  Like Plane of Night, this raid entrance is within the pre-raid quest which is playable in parties of 12.  After completion the sigil must be repaired.

Objective: Wreck the Warforged Titan beyond repair.

Overview: to loot the ancient vault the Titan needs to be destroyed.  It has a shield though and the only way to destroy that shield is to knock it on its arse with giant pillars and then shoot it 6 times with a laser that you first have to power.

What’s really going on: 4 people who know what they are doing complete the raid by doing a series of highly coordinated steps while everyone else watches from a series of high beams.

Best raid features:  if you like puzzles the pre-raid has 2 of the most fiendishly difficult puzzles in the game.  The pre-raid also has one of the best plot devices for splitting the party into sub groups.  Luckily for the rest, you can get into the raid without actually finishing the puzzles (though you don’t get a completion for the pre-raid).  The fun part of this raid is that completion requires different tactics than the standard beat down.  The laser was also fun to shoot.

Worst raid features: low margin for error.  The boss fight requires getting a pillar to land on the boss and then shoot it with a laser.  You have to do this 6 times, you have 8 pillars.  Don’t miss

Prominent builds/Key roles: someone to operate the laser, a couple people to run “buns” (crystals to power the laser so it can actually shoot), and someone adept at getting a gigantic falling pillar to land on the Titan.  If you can’t do any of those things and your character is afraid of heights, they should learn to do one of those things.  Puzzle people are also handy for the pre-raid.  Also, someone able to cast greater teleport to get everyone there.

How we used to run it: mostly we didn’t, but if we did the 4 people who knew what the heck was going on held everyone else’s hand.

How we run it now: we just don’t.  If we do, we run it like we used to.

Why we used to run it: we didn’t, but if we did it was because we needed the favor or the chattering ring (the only item with dodge 3 for quite some time) or we knew someone who did and we owed them a favor.  A big favor.

Why we run it now: seriously, we don’t and we never did.  The loot (aside from the ring) wasn’t worth the trouble of running a raid that had such a low margin for error, especially when the pieces that needed to line up were somewhat glitchy.  It’s a shame, if there was more margin for error or it took less time to get 12 people through the pre-raid we would have run this more.  Other than having to hit 6 of 8 pillars, it really is a well designed raid.

Notable loot: the chattering ring. There’s some other named loot that no one ever really cared about enough to run this for.

What you need to know: how to follow instructions.  Someone needs to know how the whole thing works because by the time you figure it out completion will be impossible.  Don’t miss with the pillars.

Best way to fail: miss with 3 pillars

Bonus Tidbits: the 2 restless isles quests have 2 very unique clickies.  The Shrieking Mines has a ring with raise dead (and its stupid easy to farm for) and Ghola Fan has a head piece with a teleport clicky.

Personal favorite moment: technically not part of the actual raid, but solving the red puzzle in the pre-raid without outside help felt impressive.

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