Raid Review 1: Tempest Spine

Raid Review 1: Tempest Spine

Alternate names: TS

History: Originally released with the game, Tempest Spine has never seen a quest specific overhaul, it remains the same as when it was released and that’s just fine with us.  The loot did get an upgrade with update 17 however with the release of the new augment system.

Level: 10

Quest Pack: Free to play

Flagging: none

Objective: Defeat Sor’jeck Incanni

Overview: Climb to the peak of the Tempest Spine to defeat the Stormreaver’s lieutenant Sor’jeck. 

What’s really going on: A mad Zerg dash through a series of mountains and winding caves with almost every monster in the game at the time of release.

Best raid features: This quest is essentially a large scale, 12 person quest.  It combines many game features in a well-choreographed quest.  The fact that over the years it has never required reworking and is still run (albeit far less frequently) is a testament to its original design.  It’s well designed as an introduction to raiding for newer players featuring big boss fights, puzzles, and a need to kill 2 bosses simultaneously in separate areas. Also, the quest difficulty gradually increases.  It was the first raid and is still one of the best.

Worst raid features: There aren’t many things to complain about.  This quest doesn’t have a very straight path and its easy to get lost.  Also, the final fight takes place on top of a mountain with a boss that can chuck you off basically back to the beginning of the quest.  It’s a long climb back.

Prominent builds/Key roles: Basically your standard party x2 for twice the fun

How we used to run it: All the time but we were weaker then, so groups were a little pickier about who got to come on elite.  There was more effort to keep stragglers caught up.

How we run it now: At level – with power creep its pretty much the first 12 people we can find. This quest separates the power gamers from the new folks – literally.  For power gamers its almost a challenge to see how many newbs you can leave behind.

At cap – drunk and naked

Why we used to run it: besides its long ago status as end game, it was one of the few places you might see a +1 tome.  Also, there’s lots of chests throughout the quest.

Why we run it now: At level – it’s still great xp at level especially with bravery streaks. And it’s still a great quest.

At cap – nostalgia, and it makes a good quest for a drinking game.  Also a popular naked run quest (go in with no gear at all and use only what you find on the way). Did I mention that its still fun to run?

Notable loot there were some named items but nothing to really write home about these days.  Even back in the day it was more about the +1 tomes than the named loot.

With update 17 the loot got some upgrades and became raid loot.  This has made them better and they make good use of the new augment system, but they now bind to character on acquire as raid loot.  The drop rate was increased by a factor of 10 though.

What you need to know: whether you are new or hammered, don’t fall behind cause if you can’t find your way you will get left behind.

Best way to fail: this raid takes too much effort to fail these days. 

Bonus Tidbits: this quest continues the longest campaign story (the Stormreaver Prophecy) in the game that begins with the water works story line.  You even get to fight Sor’jeck later in the story as a lich.

Personal favorite moment: the first time I ever got thrown off the mountain top.  Even without feather fall I think it took about a minute to land.

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  1. IIRC, they dialed down the AC of the drow a couple of times.

    Also, they’ve significantly increased the time allowed between killing Fire and Ice. The interval is so long now I wonder if it even still exists at all.

    • as i recall, they lengthened the kill window considerably when they made it so fire and ice could no longer be pulled to the junction together.

  2. Nancy

    Shamgar, you know too much!

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