Iconic Characters: Suggested Uses

While we still are awaiting some (well quite a lot actually) information on the new iconic characters there have been some questions raised about how they would be utilized by players.  Well I had some (not so) brief thoughts on that to share with those who might be interested.

  1. New player intro – not everyone who has been playing DDO is a 4 year vet.  Some people cruise through just to check things out and see if they like the game.  Lets face it, checking out the game at level 1 (or 4 or 7 if they buy vet status) isn’t necessarily putting the best foot of DDO forward.  There’s tons of amazing content that a new player would otherwise not be exposed to (like Eberron for starters).  It also offers a wider variety of options for a new player checking things out.  Players in this grouping may prefer to start their immersion into DDO by playing an iconic character in low level content to feel the pure joy of decimation of quests.  Those seeking a challenge can easily find it with higher level content.  This option is not readily available for lower level characters.  Its also a way to get a freind into the game quickly at your level.
  2. Favor farming – this is where you roll a new character, grind out some favor for the free turbine points, delete, reroll and repeat.  Granted most players who are into this have probably done most of it, but there will always be new things to spend turbine points on.  Now instead of creating a level 1, 4, or 7 character (depending on your vet status) you can create a level 15 geared up character to blitz through lower level content and speed up that grinding. As a bonus you have more levels with which to create this favor farming characters giving you more options and some opportunities for interesting builds to keep you entertained while you farm for favor and turbine points.  There’s plenty of quests that would also not be easily and quickly doable for a level 7 that are worth more favor and are quite quick.  Additionally, a new player could roll up one of these iconic characters and grind out the 1000 favor to unlock vet status, 1750 favor to unlock 32 point builds and even 2500 favor to unlock the favored soul class.
  3. Mules – a mule character exists solely to create extra bank and inventory space to hold items.  Sadly these characters are generally rather inefficient at questing and so tend to have a minimal amount of inventory and space.  But a level 15 character should have no problem quickly grinding out coin lord favor for extra inventory space and house K favor for extra bank space.
  4. Regular alt characters – some of you have “alt-itis.”  This is the condition that compels you to roll new characters to fully explore the range of possibilities. Well you just got more.  Tell your friends (if you have any left) goodbye and get to work!
  5. Server bouncing ever meet some people from a different server?  Ever wanted to go say hi and run with them occasionally?  Perhaps this is your chance.  Iconic characters start at 15 so youll be able to jump into the action quickly.  You dont have to worry about starting at 28 points either. 

We also recently learned in the latest Dev diary that they do intend to provide reincarnation capabilities to these characters, which could mean that we see them rotate into players normal TR playing.  It remains to be seen however if you will be able to reincarnate INTO an iconic character and what that would mean.

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  1. JAFSupO

    Nice post…as usual. Thanks!

  2. As a cynical consumer, this system feels like a way to make us pay for Veteran (15) as many times as they have classes, rather than paying once like we did for Vet 4/7. That said, here’s what I’d be looking for in terms of best uses:

    – If the automated builds are decent – Geoff seemed to think the Bladeforged wasn’t bad – that could be a huge boon for new players. It is so easy to badly gimp characters in this game as a newbie.

    – Testing your multi-class build. Assuming there is an Iconic with the appropriate class, this is definitely the cheapest way to try several permutations. Have to wonder whether the Rogue Iconic is going to be overwhelmingly the most popular because so many builds splash 1 Rogue at level 1 for skills….

  3. Sigfried Trent

    Nice tips, I hadn’t considered the favor angle but makes a ton of sense.

  4. […] Iconic Characters: Suggested Uses […]

    • Josh

      weird i tried to favor farm with my iconic rogue hero…. and it didn’t reward me any favor? can iconic heroes earn favor? cause it didn’t give me any

      • sometimes the favor panel doesnt update until you log out and then log back in. You absolutely can get favor as an iconic hero, i’ve done it.

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