Building Blocks 31: Stats 7


What it represents:

  • ·         Strength of personality and likability
  • ·         Persuasiveness
  • ·         Personal magnetism
  • ·         Physical attractiveness
  • ·         Ability to lead

How you know if you have it:

  • ·         You can lead an army of cats
  • ·         Everyone likes you
  • ·         You turn heads everywhere you go
  • ·         You define beauty
  • ·         When you speak everyone listens, and you speak a lot

How you know if you don’t:

  • ·         You define wall flower
  • ·         You once won an award for ugliest dog
  • ·         You are not a people person
  • ·         You couldn’t lead a lemming off a cliff

Racial modifiers:

  • ·         Drow: +2
  • ·        Warforged, dwarf, half Orc: -2

Skills that use it:

  • ·         Bluff
  • ·         Diplomacy
  • ·         Haggle
  • ·         Intimidate
  • ·         Perform
  • ·         Use Magic Device

Feats that have a charisma prerequisite:

  • ·         Force of Personality – 13

How it applies to gameplay:

  • ·         Primary casting stat for bards and sorcerers
    • o   Modifier determines spell points and spell DCs
    • o   Stat score determines highest level spell that can be cast (10+spell lvl required)
  • ·         Primary casting stat for favored souls
    • o   Modifier determines spell points
    • o   Stat score determines highest level spell that can be cast (10+spell lvl required)
  • ·         Clerics and paladins use charisma for turning·         Paladins Lay on Hands ability is determined by modifier: (paladin level +10) x modifier
    • o   Determines how many turn attempts per rest
    • o   Applies modifier to roll for how many hit die worth of undead are turned
    • o   Applies modifier to roll for how powerful (# of HD) of undead can be turned
  • ·         Level 2 paladins apply modifier to all saving throws
  • ·         Smite Evil adds twice your modifier to the attack roll
  • ·         With force of personality, modifier for will saves
  • ·         Some runes require charisma to use

Special considerations:

  • ·         Bard fascinate DC is determined by their perform skill which is affected by charisma.

Who likes it:

  • ·         Bards of all types: battle bards generally have some, casting bards generally maximize
  • ·         Sorcerers for casting
  • ·         UMD characters might take a minimal amount
  • ·         Haggle bots
  • ·         Paladins benefit greatly from even a few points

How much should you have:

Casting sorcs and bards generally max out charisma to augment their spells. However there are battle build varieties of both classes that will generally take a middle of the road approach to spread out their stat points to pick up some extra strength and possibly dexterity (for two weapon fighting).

Paladins will usually take a 14 charisma.  Their lay on hands, smite evil and divine grace (charisma modifier applying to saves) all benefit from charisma modifier (mostly in a multiplicative fashion). Paladins are generally trying to spread their stat points between constitution, strength, and charisma as a minimum.  Two weapon fighters will also need to balance in some dexterity.  This is why wisdom is often ignored by paladins. If they have enough build points a paladin might take a 16.

A character who intends on using UMD might take a few points of charisma, but if they do its usually because they don’t have anywhere else to spend their build points.  Typically this would be their last point or two when their important stats cost 3 points.

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