Building Blocks 30: Stats 6


What it represents:

  • ·         Willpower
  • ·         Common sense
  • ·         Intuition
  • ·         Perception

How you know if you have it:

  • ·         You see things Sherlock Holmes would miss
  • ·         You’re borderline precognitive
  • ·         Your mind is an impenetrable fortress

How you know if you don’t:

  • ·         You’re the one who solves the mystery well after everyone else
  • ·         You looked up gullible in the dictionary after someone told you it wasn’t there…several times…the thesaurus too
  • ·         You think common sense is a penny
  • ·         Torture is ineffective on you…you blab everything out anyways

Racial modifiers:

  • ·         Warforged: -2

Skills that use it:

  • ·         Heal
  • ·         Listen
  • ·         Spot

Feats that have a wisdom prerequisite:

  • ·         Vorpal Strikes – 23
  • ·         Zen Archery – 13

How it applies to gameplay:

  • ·         Primary casting stat for clerics, Druids, paladins, and rangers
  • ·         Modifier determines spell points and spell DCs
  • ·         Stat score determines highest level spell that can be cast (10+spell lvl required)
  • ·         Secondary casting stat for favored souls
  • ·         Modifier determines spell DCs
  • ·         Primary modifier for will saves
  • ·         With Zen Archery, attack modifier for longbows and shortbows
  • ·         Modifier for monk special attack DCs
  • ·         Monks apply modifier to AC when centered (in addition to dex mod)
  • ·         Some runes require wisdom to use

Special considerations:

  • ·         Temporary wisdom increases will allow you to cast spells that would normally be too high a level

Who likes it:

  • ·         Clerics, Druids, and favored souls focusing on casting
  • ·         Paladins and rangers need a minimal amount to cast their spells (14)
  • ·         Monks use wisdom for many of their special abilities and for additional AC

How much should you have:

Divine spell casters will need at least a few points of wisdom if they want to cast spells.  “Battle” healers may not focus on wisdom as a primary stat, but will generally take at least a 14 while its cheap and then supplement the rest with items and tomes.  While you do get a fair bit of spell points from higher wisdom, unless you are really going for an evoker style where DCs are your concern (which tends to be the more popular route with favored souls and clerics) then as wisdom isn’t much of a concern.  Evokers do tend to max their wisdom however.

Divine melees (paladins and rangers) typically invest as little as possible into wisdom.  They only require a 14 to cast all their spells.  This is easily achievable by taking an 8 (the starting point) and using a +6 item.  These classes don’t really have offensive spells, just some buffs, and shouldn’t have any problems with spell points except in rare circumstances.  Even then, spell casting is such a minor feature of these classes it likely won’t be an issue, and you can carry smaller versions of mnemonic pots in case.  These classes don’t take metamagic feats usually so their spells cost few spell points anyways.

Monks typically take at least 14 wisdom to supplement their various class abilities.  The feat vorpal strikes requires a total of 23 wisdom which is quite a stretch for the traditional builds that are already stat heavy.  Most monks that qualify for this feat use a +3 (or 4) wisdom tome and stat increases to get to 23 to spread around their build points at creation between their 4 primary stats (str, dex, con and wis).

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