Building Blocks 28: Stats 4


What it represents:

  • ·         Your health and stamina
  • ·         How tough you are
  • ·         The strength of your stomach and immune system

How you know if you have it:

  • ·         You never get short of breath
  • ·         You run marathons to warm up
  • ·         Your flesh wounds would kill mere mortals
  • ·         You can drink your weight in ale…for breakfast

How you know if you don’t:

  • ·         Standing up makes you short of breath
  • ·         A slap to the face renders you incap
  • ·         You are a cheap date
  • ·         You die easily, a lot.  Ding!

Racial modifiers:

  • ·         Dwarves & warforged: +2
  • ·         Elves and drow: -2

Skills that use it:

  • ·         Concentration

Feats that have a constitution prerequisite:

  • ·         Epic constitution – 21
  • ·         Resilience -13

How it applies to gameplay:

  • ·         You get 1 hit point per level per constitution modifier
  • ·         A negative con mod reduces your hit points by the same amount
  • ·         Primary modifier to your fortitude save
  • ·         Determines how long you can hold your breath

Special considerations:

  • ·         A monk’s stable and maximum ki is directly related to their concentration skill
  • ·         Quicken eliminates the need for casters to make concentration checks when damaged while casting spells but does not eliminate this check for scrolls
  • ·         Warforged and undead characters do not need to breath underwater

Who likes it:

Everyone. Hit points are directly tied to constitution and more hit points are always better.

How much should you have:

As much as you can.  Getting to 14 constitution (12 for elves and drow) only costs 6 build points.  That’s a 1 for 1 bargain and is generally considered an absolute minimum.  Most other benefits of constitution are generally ignored.  Concentration as a skill is far easier to increase via skill points and classes that require concentration typically have enough skill points to invest here. 

About the only reason to specifically invest in constitution is for an earth stance monk.  Grandmaster of earth requires a constitution of 18.  Classes such as wizards, sorcerers, clerics and barbarian are pretty easy to build as “1 max stat + con” and will be a solid start to a build.  Other classes often need a third, sometimes even fourth stat in which case you’ll have to make some choices.

My general rule of thumb is to sink my first 6 stat points into con then fulfill any other build requirements and usually max out a stat on stat light builds.  If there’s any points left I put more into con.  I’ve never been able to create a build that absolutely needed enough built points that I couldn’t put at least 6 build points into constitution.

Con is not a dump stat.

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