Epic Education 29: Lord of Blades 7

Hello and welcome to Epic Education – a show of tips and tactics for surviving epic content.  I’m your guide Shamgar and this is Episode 29: “The Lord of Blades part 7: Bonus Forge Goodies.”

Having fully discussed the raid to completion lets finish by addressing the optionals that a party can complete.  There are 3 optionals in The Lord of Blades raid each granting an additional chest to the single raid chest.

The first 2 optionals are actually the same, “marking” The Lord of Blades.  This is quest speak for reducing The Lord of Blades to 0 health.  Each time you do this the forge will regenerate about 10% of his health and he will get back up and continue fighting.  Doing this twice is the first optional while a third mark will grant the second optional.  If you manage to mark The Lord of Blades 3 times the DM will then tell you that further marking is futile indicating that you will need to find a different way to defeat The Lord of Blades.  Each of these markings gives a bonus chest with a small number of shards for crafting and a chance at dropping a special piece needed to upgrade the Toven’s Hammer rune arm.  Most groups will only do these optionals to help someone get this piece since the number of shards is exceedingly low compared to the other 2 chests.

In order to mark The Lord of Blades you have 2 options.  The first is exceedingly tedious and the raid in fact was changed slightly to discourage it.  This involves saving a few assassins during the 4th phase where The Lord of Blades is constantly jumping.  As he crosses the platform in between landing and jumping he is vulnerable to attacks.  However, to avoid getting run over or bull rushed and damaged, the melee will need to wait until the cross is finished before engaging.  When the raid first came out LoB was vulnerable to attacks as he was jumping into the air, but a patch later drastically shortened the time he was vulnerable.  It is still possible to mark during this phase, but it will take a long time and it takes some practice to get the rhythm down to attack him.

The other option, which is the intended design, is to mark the LoB during the final quori phase.  In this case fighting LoB is the same as fighting him during phase 2 with the added complication of quori running around.  Hopefully your kiter will be able to contain most of these mobs.  If your tank uses intimidate it is likely that he will accidentally pull a few quori off of the kiter.  If the kiter is not able to insta kill or intimidate these mobs back it is best if the off tanks take a quick moment to kill any such mobs.  While this could be seen as a waste of dps, it does increase survivability for the tank who is the most critical person at this stage.  Most anyone can kite if they are forced into it, but most folks shouldn’t tank LoB and he is more than capable of killing a few folks in quick succession.  Whenever LoB jumps the off tanks should spend a little time on pillars until the tank resets, but they need to be ready to pounce when that happens.  Additionally, when LoB drops after being marked, keep swinging.  He will become vulnerable before he appears to get back up and into the fight.  Also, don’t forget about the forge buff.

If you have any spare casters or ranged builds, have them go straight to working on pillars.  Casters can use scrolls and be back up kiters, and if they have extra spell points to burn they can unload on the pillars.  This allows these players to best utilize their dps while the melee best use their dps.  Ideally, these players will have the pillars almost down when the melee finish marking the LoB.  Also, if something starts to go wrong the party can chose to abandon marking LoB and not have to begin working on a full set of pillars in the midst of chaos.

The kiter will be spending a greater amount of time with the quori so let’s talk briefly about some tricks to kiting.  AoE spells around the center will help grab aggro faster, but be aware that some of the mobs heal from fire and cold.  Cloudkill lasts longer than firewall, blade barrier, and ice storm, but does less damage.  Wail of the Banshee and implosion are good insta kill spells in that they are cast on you and kill mobs around you automatically eliminating the need to target.  Remember that you will be running in circles around the center, so don’t go too crazy and dump spell points on AoE spells.  Use these spells to mostly grab aggro and kill over time and use those insta kill spells to pick off the lesser quori.  You can also use symbol of weakness to weaken the red named quori or symbol of death to level drain the lesser mobs for more efficient killing. Bear in mind that you may be stunned or flesh to stoned during this time.

The other optional consists of killing 4 elementals, 1 each of air, fire, water, and earth.  This is done after the raid is completed and LoB is defeated.  There is also a shrine available before these fights. To enter the elemental summon chambers you will need to stand on the appropriate elemental’s circle and talk to the speaking head.  Each circle offers clues as to which elemental it sends you to.  However, the circles will only send 4 characters through and that INCLUDES any summons and pets. If more than 4 are on the circle then 4 will be randomly chosen.  If you die while in one of the summon chambers your stone will deposited in the room with the chests and shrine.  If everyone in a chamber dies, the chamber will reset and you can try again.

Compared to the raid this is a relatively simple exercise and has almost no danger.  Even if you fail you can try again.  My only recommendation is to send ranged and doters into the air chamber, it’s a pain on a melee.

Since this chest is the only place that drops the elemental spirits necessary for alchemical crafting, the elementals are generally considered a necessary optional and every group will not only do it, but will generally not have any problems other than waiting for the gimped group to finish their elemental.  Once all the elementals are dead, loot your chests, you’ve earned them.

That will end this week’s Epic Education.  If you have any questions, comments, or corrections you can email me at or visit myDDO blog at Join me next time as I begin discussing Caught in the Web.  Thanks for listening.

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