Epic Education 24: Lord of Blades 2

Hello and welcome to Epic Education – a show of tips and tactics for surviving epic content.  I’m your guide Shamgar and this is Episode 24 “The Lord of Blades pt 2” – “Tour de Forge”

Last time we arrived at the Creation Forge for the showdown with the Lord of Blades. This is a raid of roles and nuances.  At times there will be a lot going on and sometimes it happens quickly.  A certain amount of autonomy will be required and expected.  To cover this raid in greater detail and with better clarity, I will depart from my normal chronological style and instead cover specific roles and techniques in detail instead of the phases of the raid.  This is very much a raid that you can complete without much attention to details on normal, but as you challenge yourself with higher difficulties you will find an increasing importance on not just fulfilling your role, but excelling at it.  You won’t notice it on normal, but on higher difficulties there is quite a difference between the two.

To begin however I will cover the boss fight from beginning to end in a sort of flyby guide.  I will then return to these different phases, moments, and roles in successive segments.

Let’s look around briefly to get our bearings.  We are standing on a large circular platform surrounded by some bright blue arcane sludge.  It’s similar to lava, but does more damage and is not resistable. In the arcane sludge are several pillars that will be important later.  In the center of the platform is a small circle denoted by a change in the floor pattern and a curious structure directly above it, this will also be important.  Currently, this is where the Lord of Blades waits with his entourage.

This fight is divided into several phases each divided by a series of lines delivered by the Lord of Blades himself.  Each of these phases is further denoted by what abilities and tactics the Lord of Blades uses.  To further complicate matters some of these phases will have accompanying waves of trash and there are the ever present pair of beefy iron defenders, commonly referred to as “the dogs.”

Phase 1 is the initial phase and will be a bit chaotic to start.  The main tank will be trying to acquire the Lord of Blades attention.  At the same time the party will be simultaneously dealing with a handful of trash, the 2 dogs, and 4 active pillars.  The trash consists of a few paladins and assassins along with a single artificer.  Most parties will kite the dogs (though you can choose to kill them) but will kill the trash before focusing on the Lord of Blades and the pillars.

As long as the pillars are active every 30-40 seconds the forge will charge.  This is will be a visible blue aura around the center area of the platform followed by it turning yellow when the forge becomes active.  At this point the “forge buff” is obtainable by one person in the party.  If no one gets it the Lord of Blades will.  Whoever gets the buff will see an increase in their physical damage and reduction in spell point costs.  Players will also be given the ability to float allowing them to attack the pillar bases.  A player will notice 2 icons in their buff bar.  The first is a blue icon in the shape of a person.  This is the actual forge buff and it does not give you a timer.  The second icon is a black box with a red slash.  This does have a timer and it indicates how long until you can reacquire the forge buff.  If you enter the center area while the forge is charging or active before this timer runs out you will be put into a state similar to flesh to stone.  The forge buff will end when this timer reaches about 1:10.

To deactivate the forge you must destroy the 4 pillars.  Each pillar has a top and bottom portion with the tops having far fewer hit points (the ratio is something like 3:1).  The active pillars will sparkle with a yellow graphic in the same way the active forge does to let you know which pillars you still need to destroy.  It is not necessary to immediately destroy these pillars, but I recommend you do so by phase 3.

During phase 1 the Lord of Blades will occasionally try to stun the main tank.  If he is successful he will spin his impressive spear behind him doing damage in a quick succession of hits to anyone standing behind and will then end this move with a massive strike to the front.

Once the Lord of Blades reaches about 75% the second phase will begin.  The Lord of Blades will become inactive for a moment to deliver his lines and in the process will flush his aggro list.  Shortly after he reactivates he will summon the dogs to him.  This is what is referred to as the dogs resetting.  They will repair themselves to full health, even if they have been destroyed and briefly run over to the Lord of Blades.  After a few moments they will return to their current target, though if they have been destroyed they will have a new target.  This is why groups tend to kite the dogs.

The Lord of Blades will also start using 2 new special attacks during phase 2 in addition to his stun attack.  The first is his whirlwind attack.  He will begin this attack by twirling his weapon above his head in a sort of windup.  When unleashed this attack will not only hit several times but it will bat you away allowing him to chase you and bat you some more.  This attack will also throw people behind him in front for additional batting.  This attack is by far his most dangerous and on epic can easily take out half the party.

His other special attack involves jumping into the air for a few seconds.  He will then land on the north, south, east or west points in the circle.  If someone is near one of these points he will alternatively attempt to land on them.  When he does land he will do an area of effect damage “stomp” that can eclipse 400 points of damage on epic.  If he does not try and land on someone he will land with the same stomping effect and then charge across the circle trampling people over along the way and culminating in a vicious burst damage effect at the end of the charge.  In either case his aggro list will be flushed and the main tank will need to reacquire aggro.  You can shoot him as soon as he lands with a thrower to get his attention most of the time.

When the Lord of Blades reaches 40% the third phase will begin.  As in the second phase the dogs will be restored and briefly visit their master.  The Lord of Blades will add in a fourth and final special attack while continuing to use the other 3.  This attack is commonly referred to as the rain of blades.  He will shoot several blades into the air from his back that will then rain down on the entire platform except in the center forge area (which is why we want the pillars and forge destroyed by this point).  This attack does allow a reflex save to reduce the damage, but is still rather painful on epic.  Everyone aside from the main tank and dog kiter should head to the center.

Phase 4 will begin when the Lord of Blades reaches about 3%.  In this phase the dogs will be restored one last time but the Lord of Blades will mostly be out of the fight.  He will continue to jump into the air and land in the 4 cardinal positions and charge across the platform at which point he will immediately jump back into the air and repeat this move.  He will no longer single people out to land on them however.  To keep you busy in lieu of a big bad, 3 waves of assassins will drop onto the platform.  In each wave 1 artificer will drop at the 1 o clock position and he should be your first target.  Particularly on higher difficulties make sure to give at least your healers a blur.  The 5th and final phase will start when the last of the trash is killed.  Most groups will pause and keep 1 or 2 assassins alive and kill the dogs at this point (though I have seen groups continue kiting dogs until the end).  Regardless of how many times you have killed them, the dogs will not be restored again.  Particularly on epic healers and casters may again “torc” up with the assassins, but I strongly recommend using no more than 2 assassins for this purpose.  More tends to create problems in my experience.

Phase 5 will start when the last assassin is killed (note that they can die without a player killing them if they are left with few hit points so it’s wise to leave an assassin at full if you can).  At this point several things will happen.  The first is that the Lord of Blades will revert to his phase 2 mechanics – that means he will still jump, stun and whirlwind, but he won’t use his rain of blades attack.  The second is that the rest of the pillars will become active and the forge will be reactivated.  This mechanic works exactly the same as before except there are more pillars than before.  Lastly there will be a continuous spawning of quori mobs coming from the center area of the platform.  Killing them is an option, but they will continue to spawn until the raid is complete so generally they are just kited around.  This will include red named versions of the quori reavers and wraiths.  Note however that the longer this phase takes the more trash you will get.

Casters make good kiters with their AoE spells and self healing is always a plus for kiters.  Some groups will use someone with an intimidate high enough to grab the quori but low enough to avoid LoB.  Commonly this will be the main tank requiring an alternate for LoB.  Kiters here will face particular challenges and on higher difficulties generally require a healer to at least keep an eye on them.  The quori are not only able to inflict a healing curse, but they can cast power word stun and flesh to stone amongst other spells, prompting some kiters to utilize spell absorption items.  High saves are also a plus here.

This is the final phase of the raid boss fight.  It does not end until you destroy the pillars (you actually do not need to destroy them all). Once this happens the portal the trash is coming through will close and the Lord of Blades will leave.  At this point you will get completion for the raid, but you aren’t quite done yet.

Once the Lord of Blades has left, a force bridge will appear on the west side of the platform that will lead to a shrine and your loot.  However one of these chests is locked.  To open this chest (which is the only chest where you can acquire the elemental spirits necessary for alchemical crafting) you will need to defeat 4 elementals (1 of each type).  This is done by talking to the 4 faces asking them to take you to the elemental chambers.

A final note.  During the fight with Lord of Blades, if you die you will not be able to be immediately resurrected if you are running the quest on a difficulty higher than normal.  On heroic hard you will be prevented from receiving a Rez spell for 1 min.  This is increased on higher difficulties.  Obviously anyone sitting out for 2 minutes can slow things down, but losing key members of the party can result in a quick wipe.

That will end this week’s Epic Education.  If you have any questions, comments, or corrections you can email me at or visit myDDO blog at Join me next time as I continue discussing The Lord of Blades.  Thanks for listening.

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    I should probably mention at some point, these were written before the changes to epic. I did do a pass before recording them for DDOCast, but they are still mostly in their original state.

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