Epic Education 15: Against the Demon Queen pt3

Hello and welcome to Epic Education – a show of tips and tactics for surviving epic content.  I’m your guide Shamgar and this is Episode 15: “Against the Demon Queen pt 3” alternatively titled “Killing a 6 armed snake lady…twice”


We previously cleared the way to the Demon Queen in the preraid quest in our last episode.  If you need to shrine before you confront her do so.  Before we actually get to fight the demon queen we must first finally deal with the Prince of Swords and a pair of efreeti.  Lets start with some buffs.


The queen is fond of electric attacks as well as occasionally burning blood, so we’ll need electric, fire and acid resists.  Her swords also do sonic damage.  Deathward, freedom of movement, and if you can cast it nightshield or shield will protect us from some of the queens other spells as well.  The prince of swords and the efreeti aren’t too difficult to handle, but this time you wont get to run away from the prince.  I recommend you kill the efreeti first since they are easier to kill and use more AoE spells, but it shouldn’t really matter too much.


Once you have slain these few mobs the Queen will activate.  She is a Marilith – a half snake half woman thing with 6 arms – each holding a sword.  She has a natural truesight ability so blurs and displacements wont help you here.  Her overrun is quite nasty and can easily knock all but the strongest characters down (though acrobats can negate this attack).  Blade barrier, chain lighting and force missiles are amongst her favorite spells, but as you might imagine would be the case with a monster holding 6 swords, melee is her strength.


It can be tough to go toe to toe with the Marilith queen.  Her melee attacks are cleaving and she gets far more than any other monster in the game.  If that weren’t tough enough she’ll put you on your back for much of the fight with her overrun.  She is a demon which makes her immune to electricity, gives her holy AND cold iron DR., and makes her chaotic evil.


Characters that are strong in range attacks have an advantage in that they can stay out of range of the Queens deadly melee attacks.  Only a beefy hit point melee should attempt to engage in a frontal assault while those without agro should as much as possible attack the queen from the rear.  If you need to, the person with agro can simply kite while everyone else gives chase.  When agro switches then the new target runs and takes over kiting.  It can be a frustratingly nasty technique especially because her overrun attack only applies when she is moving, but it can make it easier to stay alive.  If you do have someone strong and beefy that can survive the queens attack chain they can instead try and hold the queen still as much as possible thereby reducing the amount of overrunning she does.


The trick is that the queen resets her agro hate list with a pretty constant frequency.  Those staying at range need to keep their heads up lest the queen pounce on them.  You can use the 2 pillars and the throne as a sort of barrier to create space from the queen, but remember that they can block your spells.


Once you defeat the queen she will retreat and you will have to face her again.  If you died and you aren’t running this on epic do some rebuffing and if you haven’t yet use the shrine, this is the last fight.  If you are running this on epic make sure everyone has a fire resist and if you can cast it a cold shield – you wont need anything else.  Go through the teleporting circle to the landing.  On epic there will be 2 fire reavers waiting for you.  Kill them but don’t get near the chest in the center.  Once they are dead if you need to refresh your cold shield or resist fire do so, and also get a protection from fire.  When someone ‘investigates’ the chest it will not only activate the queen, but on epic the entire party will be hit by a rather potent fire trap.


Killing the queen the second time is much like the first except this time there is nothing to hide behind.  And on epic there’s an added challenge.  Do you remember those 2 disjunction orbs on the center dais?  Here there are several roaming the arena in which you are fighting the queen.  It is near impossible to avoid them for long, though the center tends to be safer – at least from the orbs.  Keep in mind that the disjunction orbs affect your gear. It is best here if you have multiple weapons that are capable of either breaking the queens holy and cold iron DR or dealing a good chunk of damage.  Hopefully by the time all of your good weapons have been disjuncted one of them will have had enough time to be restored.  Also be aware that any hps items you have will be negated as well as your fortification items.  Everyone should at this point pound the queen with everything they have.  Theres no reason to save spell points now so arcanes can unload.  Remember that if you don’t have agro to stay on the queens backside or at range – and if you get her agro and you don’t have many hps, start running – but not towards your healer.  I always find it highly preferable to have someone tanky to try and lock down the queen and hold her still, but this is not always possible.  Healers should be mindful of their relative position to the queen, location of her blade barriers, and agro swaps.


With some skill, tenacity, and a little luck you should be able to take down the queen and force her to retreat again.  Grab your chest and head back to town.  Your final confrontation with the queen awaits you.


That will end this week’s Epic Education.  If you have any questions, comments, or corrections you can email me at or visit myDDO blog at Join me next time as I finish discussing epic demon queen.  Thanks for listening.


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