Epic Education 14: Against the Demon Queen pt 2

Hello and welcome to Epic Education – a show of tips and tactics for surviving epic content.  I’m your guide Shamgar and this is Episode 14: “Against the Demon Queen pt 2” alternatively titled “Hungry Devious Poisoners.”


Last time we finished the first 3 of the 6 animal paths in DQ1 – octopus, monkey, and bat.  That leaves us with wolf, snake, and scorpion which are hungry, devious, and poisoner according to the puzzle.


Before venturing into wolf, get an acid and fire resist and a deathward.  Gnolls and tharaak hounds will comprise the mobs here.  The hounds have a pretty nasty acid breath, but acid resistance will mostly negate that.  As usual, focus on the caster gnolls first and take your time so you don’t end up fighting multiple groups at once.  The gates along the way will naturally help prevent you from zerging ahead too much – they open after their respective hounds are dead.  The inscription room is much of the same.  As before, read the inscription and either kill the prince of swords or take a dimension door.


Snake consists of an army of troglodytes.  Poison neutralization will allow you not to worry about their stinkiness.  Almost all of the trogs are melee types, but there is 1 caster at the top of the ramp.  He is holding open a portal that not only blocks the way into the room with the inscription, but it spawns more melee troglodytes.  To minimize the number of trogs you need to fight, run past all of them and go straight for the caster at the top.  Kill him first and then deal with the rest.  Casters can land some crowd control to help counter the troglodyte army, but if you are quick it will be relatively small.  The inscription room will have another army of trogs, including a few casters which should be your first targets.


The last room is scorpion.  As you might expect, scorpions will be in force along with some drow scorpions.  Deathward will protect you from their negative energy spells and they are also fond of webs and fireballs, so freedom of movement and fire resistance will also be helpful.  You will quickly get to a large open room with a chest at the far end, but the floor in the middle will crumble away dropping you in the middle of half a dozen scorpions.  Will it is certainly possible to kill these scorpions from the safety of one of the ledges, the scorpions tend to burrow excessively when their intended target is out of reach, so you may find it easier to have everyone fight below in the pit.  Once all the scorpions are dead the gate will raise, you can loot your chest and move on.  There are a few poison and disease traps in this next hall, but otherwise it’s a clear path to the inscription room where more scorpions await. 


Once all 6 inscriptions have been read head back to the center platform.  Be mindfull of the disjunction orbs and make your way up the stairs at 12 ‘o clock.  After dealing with a handful of fire reavers the shrine will be clear.  If you can manage it, don’t shrine just yet.  Open the door and clear the last dozen or so fire reavers and efreeti up to the queens throne room.  Try and save as many spell points, action boosts, and clickies as you can for fighting her.  You will have to fight her twice, so if you are in particularly good shape you might wait until after the first fight to shrine.


As I mentioned last time, there is only 1 shrine in demon queen part 1 and it is quite a chore getting to it without going through too many resources, so lets go over some tips to do so successfully.


First lets talk about action boosts, rages, and clickies.  We can plan ahead here to help even out our use of these boosts.  We know there are 6 bridges to deal with, and octopus is only a couple of mindflayers.  That more or less gives you 5 bridges to subdivide your limited use abilities.  Now to be sure, if you get into a tight spot, use these resources.  Obviously if you have say 1 rez clicky (and you can’t use scrolls), if your primary healer goes down its probably a good time to use that clicky.  Aside from octopus, the inscription rooms will likely be your greatest challenge as this is where you will find the highest concentration of mobs to deal with at the same time so these are obvious places to use your short duration limited use clickies.  The hallway in bat is another.


Healers should take advantage of scrolls to spread out their spell points.  I myself tend to primarily use heal scrolls for spot healing and mass cure spells for mass healing when I know sp will be tight, but that’s not at all the only way to work.  And this isn’t the only quest where effective scroll healing can save you from chugging mnemonic pots so it’s a good skill to develop.  Radiant servant clerics can also take advantage of their healing auras and bursts to further stretch there sp.  Also, they aren’t very effective at this level during combat, but in between fights can be a great opportunity to use up some wand charges that you otherwise can’t seem to get rid of. 


Casters will have a more difficult time spreading out their spell points.  Arcane scrolls and wands just aren’t as effective as the real spells the way divine scrolls can be, particularly the offensive spells.  You can use wands and scrolls for buffs if you want, but the primary method for spreading out your spell points has to be patience.  You don’t need to cast a spell against every mob you see.  Particularly against single mobs and small easily handled groups it may be best to just let the rest of the party take care of them.  A single web or a dancing ball for a small group of mobs may be appropriate, or perhaps an irresistible dance or instant kill spell for a tougher single target.  Absolutely if you get a nice bunch of mobs a wail of the banshee can be well timed, but the point is you don’t have to kill every single mob – be selective.  You should also make good use of your debuff spells.  For example, before casting wail of the banshee, cast circle or symbol of death, or before casting a charm spell or mass hold, cast hypnotism.  These spells in tandem can be far more effective than just by themselves.  Finally, know what spells to use on different types of mobs.  Casters for instance tend to have low fortitude saves, mephitis burn through webs, and melee mobs tend to have weak will saves.


Remember, you can use these tips anywhere and everywhere and at all levels of the game.  With experience you will learn where shrines are spaced far apart and when to conserve resources. 


In closing, 1 final tip.  If you notice that your healer is getting low on spell points, consider doing some self healing in between fights.


That will end this week’s Epic Education.  If you have any questions, comments, or corrections you can email me at or visit myDDO blog at Join me next time as I continue discussing epic demon queen.  Thanks for listening.


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