Building Blocks #1: Introduction


I don’t always find the time to record and build my DDOcast segment Epic Education. It takes some time to write them, record them, and sometimes it requires some research if it’s not something I run regularly as part of my routine.  A few months ago I became limited in my ability to work on my segment on the go when my trusty laptop of 8 years finally stopped working. But now that’s fixed and upgraded which means its a lot easier for me to write Epic Education on the go.  And even better, it allows me to work on a new blog only segment: what I’m going to call Building Blocks.  While I have no plans to record this as a segment on DDOcast, it will be (hopefully) a more regular contribution to the DDO community since I don’t have to find time to record it.  The problem with recording is that it’s competing with time for DDO, movies, and social time. But writing on the go is something my job allows with a surprising regularity and there are topics I’d like to cover outside of guides to epic content.  That won’t stop though, you’ll still get epic educations as often as I am able to produce them – and that should be more frequent now that I can work on them away from home.


Building Blocks will be covering  indepth topics and skills that serve as our foundation for playing DDO.   This wont be quest guides or maps, and really there wont be many tricks or tactics talk.  These topics will generally be about skills that are not things you specifically use while playing, but can enhance your skill level, enjoyment, and playing of the game.  The biggest topic I intend to cover is how to build a portfolio of diverse characters to play.   These will be very detailed builds that will focus on how to build characters and less on the specific builds I will be outlining.  My goal with this is to give you the understanding and tools to build characters from the ground up to fit your playstyle, ability to gear, and even tweak other peoples builds to your liking.  The point is not to give everyone more cookie cutter builds, but to empower folks to understand the finer points of designing and building a character from start to finish.  To do this I will be heavily disecting builds (mostly my own) and breaking down each aspect of designing and building a character.


I also intend to cover other topics besides builds.  These will serve as breaks from heavy crunchy build theory and deal with understanding the foundational aspects of DDO. In fact that’s where I will begin with a series on the topic of calculating and comparing weapon damage!


If you have a topic or a build youd like me to look at drop me an email ( or leave a comment.  I am in no way guaranteeing that I will consider, reply to, or let alone read comments in anything resembling a timely manner (sorry, time is unfortunately not an infinite resource of mine until I am high enough level to cast time stop).

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