Epic Education Episode 11: The Chronoscope pt 4

Hello and welcome to Epic Education – a show of tips and tactics for surviving epic content.  I’m your guide Shamgar and this is Episode 11: “The Chronoscope pt 4” alternatively titled “the big bad abishi”


Having reclaimed the steam tunnels from the devil invasion it is now time to venture into the market tent and face the final boss of the chronoscope.  Before we do so however, lets get some buffs and shrine.


A somewhat lengthy list of buffs will be necessary for this end fight.  We’ll start with resistances in acid, cold, electric and fire.  Poison neutralization, deathward, freedom of movement, and protection from evil are all pretty essential in this fight – the main boss will use spells and attacks that all of these will you protect from.  Additionally, displacement, blur, holy aura, spell resistance and damage buff spells are all highly beneficial.  Neither the boss nor the trash have truesight and the trash mobs can be blinded.  Spell resistance will also help protect you against the bosses spells albeit it to a limited degree.  Once you have your buffs step on through the portal.


Before we fight the boss we need to defeat 5 abishi.  You may recognize them from the phoenix tavern before the bank fight.  Each of the 5 abishi are of a different type: 1 each of fire, acid, cold, electric and poison and they are red, black, white, blue and green respectively – though it is somewhat difficult to differentiate between white and blue.  Once they are reduced to 10-15% the individual abishi will retreat.  As long as you have protection from evil to prevent getting greater commanded these 5 Abishi are not terribly tough.  It is however advisable that 1 or 2 people kite a few of them around because all 5 use primarily AoE attacks.  Kiting some of them around will reduce the incoming damage on the party.  Also, the blue abishi can do the ogre mage disappearing act so watch out for that.  Once all 5 abishi have retreated you will have a short breather before the boss fight.


As before this boss fight has respawning trash that continue coming until the boss is dead.  However, they respawn far less often than the previous boss fights in the chronoscope.  Most groups should only have to deal with 2 waves of trash and a strong group may only need to deal with the first.  The waves of trash consist entirely of about a half dozen of the same bearded devils we have been fighting all the way through the raid.  Part of the party will break off of fighting the main boss to kill the trash whenever they spawn.  Some groups will split into main tank, off tanks, and trash killing groups while other groups will only use a main tank and have everyone else killing trash.  By having everyone kill trash the party can kill them more quickly and get the entire party’s focus back on the boss.  By splitting up the party it will take longer to kill the trash, but some of that dps will still be focused on the boss.  Which is better is really a matter of personal preference by the leader.  Kiting however is not an option – bearded devils just don’t stay focused like other monsters do.


In either case casters should use crowd control spells to reduce the impact the trash have on the party.  DPS players should as much as possible try and concentrate on the same devil, but it will be difficult to do so as they teleport around.  When the devil you are targeting teleports away, try and pick a devil who is close by to reduce the time you spend running after the devils.  Once all the devils have been slain everyone can jump back onto the boss.


The boss of the chronoscope is the conjoined abishi.  This boss is powered by the 5 abishi we just defeated and they fuse together in a sort of captain planet or transformers fashion.  The conjoined abishi always has one of the 5 individual abishis as its dominant personality and this determines several things about the boss.  Which ever element of abishi is active determines which element will deal extra damage and which element heals the boss.  The same element heals while the opposite element does extra damage.  For example, when the boss is in fire mode fire damage will heal while cold damage does extra.  The poison mode is vulnerable to electric damage.  Each of the boss’s modes have the same color coding that the individual abishi did – and again white and blue can be difficult to distinguish.


The dominate personality also determines the spells and attacks the boss will be using.  Each form uses different spells and each form also has a special attack – and this is the additional aspect of boss fighting this part of the raid is meant to teach new raiders at level.  Most every raid boss and many other bosses throughout the game have a special attack.  Many of these attacks, particularly the rather deadly ones, have a tell to give you the opportunity to avoid it.  That is the case with the conjoined abishi, he has a tell for his special attacks.  Right before using his special attacks the boss will turn into an ethereal dragon of the appropriate color.  Each color has a very different special attack.


To defeat the conjoined abishi we will utilize a main tank strategy.  The designated tank will acquire agro and bring the boss to one of a few places.  I’ll detail a few options, but it doesn’t really matter which location we use.  The important thing is to point the boss away from the rest of the party.  Many of his attacks are directional and his melee attacks while cleaving, do not affect players directly behind him.  Additionally, we don’t want to run the boss around – he overruns and knocks people over.  Because we want the boss facing a specific direction we don’t really want to engage in a contest of who can get agro of the boss.  Let the designated tank do their job while you do as much dps as you can without taking agro.  However, if for some reason agro does switch just have the person with agro become the new main tank and have them move to where the previous tank was.  If 2 players seem to be continually swapping agro then either have one of them back off for a bit or have both dual main tank – though this will involve an increase in healing needs so its best if one person establishes good agro.  Also, if you aren’t wearing blindness immunity keep some blindness removal potions handy, the boss uses a ranged blinding attack called wrack occasionally as well and it also will knock you down.


Some popular places to tank the boss are next to the pillar, where he drops down, or against a wall.  If you can get his attention before he runs into the waiting party, the main tank can just tank him where he lands, just turn him around so he’s facing away from the party.  Many people like to use either the center platform’s walls or the exterior walls and face the boss in that direction with their own back against the wall.  This ensures that the boss is not accidentally facing the party.  The corner behind and to the right of the zone in is a popular choice.  Others prefer to keep him in between the large pillar and the central platform and during the special attacks they jump behind the pillar for protection.  It doesn’t matter which you use, just make sure he’s not facing the party.


Now that we have established our game plan lets talk about the different forms the boss uses.  As a refresher, the different forms are poison, acid, electric, cold, and fire.  The poison or green form is by far the least dangerous.  This form does not in fact have a special attack, or if he does it is bugged and has been since release.  In green form the conjoined abishi heals from acid damage and takes extra damage from lightning.  His notable attack in this form is cloudkill – which with your poison neutralization and acid resistance is not terribly deadly, but it does give the boss a concealment bonus.  Some of his forms use other fogs as well, and also spells like firewall and ice storm.  Casters should keep an eye out for these fogs as they have the potential to reduce the dps by up to 20%.  Break enchantment will do the trick, but you will have to make a somewhat difficult casting check.  Cyclonic blast however does not require a die roll of any kind, it just blows fogs, firewalls, and ice storms away and is a great spell here.  It’s also important to get rid of your own lasting area of effect spells when the abishi changes forms and begins to heal from them.  One final trick on the subject of fogs and lasting spells is that the wind howler bracers from the quest blockade buster in the attack on stormreach pack has a 3/day clicky of cyclonic blast.


The acid or black form also heals from acid damage and is vulnerable to electric damage.  Some of this forms more notable spells are energy drain, horrid wilting, and dispels.  While deathward will protect you from the energy drain, there’s not much you can do to protect yourself against horrid wilting, and his dispels can quickly strip the main tank of their needed buffs.  The main tank should pay close attention to their buff bar while the abishi is in this form.  Its not necessary to get completely rebuffed, but make sure you get whichever buffs are needed when the abishi switches forms.  Healers should be ready with a greater restoration and a deathward to remove any negative levels the tank may get after being dispelled.  This form does have a special attack, though it is not very problematic.  The attack causes several black tentacles to spring forth from the ground in the area around the abishi.  This attack doesn’t do any damage but it does inflict a healing curse.  Wait until after the special attack is over before you remove your curse though because you can get re-cursed by the attack.  Because this attack doesn’t deal any damage the melees should just continue to attack.


The blue or electric form heals from electric damage and is vulnerable to acid damage.  This form is the other primary cloud user.  This forms special attack is a sort of call lightning attack that strikes all players in a fairly wide radius.  It is a good idea to cast a mass protection on the melee party and yourself once you see the abishi go into his dragon form.  These lightning strikes do a fair bit of damage and can easily zap a squishy caster to death.  Even though this special attack does a bit of damage, because of the range of its attack the melee will again just stay on the boss in beat down mode, if hes going to zap us anyways we may as well get some shots in.


The white or cold version is, as you might suspect, vulnerable to fire damage and heals from cold damage.  This form likes to use ice storm which not only deals bludgeoning damage but can also slow you down if you don’t have a freedom of movement.  Like clouds you can blow this spell away and its also worth noting that it will snuff out any firewalls you may have cast.  This form’s special attack is particularly dangerous – the area around the abishi will become filled with exploding ice crystals.  One may not kill you, but there will be many of them.  Unlike the previous special attacks I’ve described this time we are going to run away.  Get well clear of the ice crystals being formed on the ground.  After the special attack is over there will be a coating of ice on the floor for a short time and unless you have that freedom of movement you will find it hard to run.  Reform up and get back into beat down mode once this attack is over.


The red or fire mode is the most dangerous and it is also the mode the abishi always starts in.  This form is vulnerable to cold damage but heals from fire damage.  He will make heavy use of firewall and meteor swarm while in fire form.  You can either blow away the firewalls or use ice storm to quickly dispel them but the meteor swarm is going to do a lot of area damage to the melees.  His special attack however is the deadliest of all.  This special attack is a sweeping fire breath attack.  It is a cone attack that only hits those in a front arc of the abishi which is why particularly when he is in fire form we want him pointed away from the healers and the rest of the party.  Evasion does work on this attack which makes evasion tanks a popular choice, but its still recommended that you run away as a main tank.  The off tanks will be safe from behind the abishi because this attack only sweeps the front arc so they can continue attacking – just make sure he didn’t turn around!  The real killer with this special attack is its swiftness.  Unlike the other special attacks this attack has almost no warning.  If you try and run away from the boss you wont get out of range in time.  If you are quick on your feet you might be able to jump to the side, but there is an even quicker escape route.  When the boss goes into the dragon form indicating his special attack he becomes ethereal – that means you can run straight through him and even turn around and attack him from the back safely during this special attack.  However, there is no shame in running away from this attack – its typically a one hit kill for an adventurer.  As with the cold special attack, once its over quickly reform up and continue the boss pummeling.


Once you have slain the abishi a portal will open sending you back into the marketplace.  From there head to the rusty nail and up to the command post for the twelve to finish the quest.  If you suffer a party wipe, the entire party’s stones will be deposited in the market place where you first entered next to a rez shrine and you can try again.  You can also dimension door out of the fight and re-enter it if you run out of spell points.


One closing word of warning, the boss can and will use special attacks with little time in between, so always be vigilant and when you see him go into dragon form, particularly the cold or fire versions, call it out.


That will end this week’s Epic Education.  If you have any questions, comments, or corrections you can email me at that’s all one word.   Join me next time as I take a break from epics and discuss how to speed up your shroud.  Thanks for listening.

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  2. sirgog

    Two significant points:

    1 – The boss regenerates an extraordinary amount of hp per second, possibly as high as 1000. This regeneration is shut off for ~6 seconds after he takes damage from whichever element he is specifically vulnerable to at the time.
    Having one person equip Turbulent Epees will guarantee he never regenerates.

    2 – The boss has a high enough AC that he’s hard to hit if you have died and lost buffs. Melee players should carry at least one Greater Heroism clicky they can use after they are raised.

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