Epic Education Episode 10: Chronoscope pt 3

Hello and welcome to Epic Education – a show of tips and tactics for surviving epic content.  I’m your guide Shamgar and this is Episode 10: “The Chronoscope pt 3” alternatively titled “The Tunnel Chase”


Having killed Bloodplate in the marketplace bank to acquire a key, we returned to the phoenix tavern.  Far in the back of the tavern you can turn in this key to advance the quest.  Once you turn in the key the party must now travel back to the east side of the market place to the steam tunnels and the rusty nail.  This means once again braving the streets of the market and the deadly aerial assault from the abishi that patrol above.  And there will also be plenty of respawning devils and tieflings to play with as well.  The market place is a dangerous place, its only natural that you would need to cross it a second time…


…of course we could just take a dimension door, go through the portal at the chronoscope, and be at the entrance to the steam tunnels…


Someone will again need to go up to the command post for the twelve to advance the quest and open the steam tunnels, but only one person need do so.


Once they are open step into the steam tunnels and wait for your party to regroup here.  It is likely that you will have gotten a little spread out traveling here from the market bank.  If by chance you got left behind in the phoenix tavern and missed the dimension door you can run back but make sure you have invisibility either from a clicky or a potion.  Otherwise you will bring a large party of devils and tieflings and with it a higher dungeon alert.  While you are waiting for the rest of your party to arrive lets get rebuffed.


Devils and tiefling archers will compose the army of trash we are facing.  The archers are still using cold arrows and the main boss will use fire attacks.  Blur, holy aura and a fresh displace will also be very helpful as this fight will be quite chaotic and they will all reduce the chances of you getting hit.  Lastly, all the melees should get a jump spell and if you can slot it into your gear, a feather fall item can help you make the jumps that will be required.


Your primary opponent is Razor Arm – an orthon archer.  While he is not shy about melee combat, Razor Arm’s primary weapon is a rather impressive repeating crossbow that can shoot fire and force AoE bolts and he also has a buffeting ability which will send the party flying into the air away from him.  Because he prefers ranged combat, Razor Arm will often teleport away from the party and he favors perching himself on the many sewer pipes around the room – most of which can be tricky to jump to.  As with Bloodplate once Razor Arm dies the trash mobs will stop respawning.


The steam tunnels basically consist of a pair of walkways in between the ground floor and an upper landing which is where you will enter.  There are a few additions by the devils mostly consisting of ramps which conveniently provide for easier pursuit.  The top walkway is the larger of the 2 and at each end has a portal from which the trash enters the fray.  These walkways are somewhat narrow and the pipes upon which Razor Arm perches can be tricky to jump onto.  There are many ways to fall to the bottom of the steam tunnels which makes pursuing Razor Arm somewhat difficult.  However pursue him we must for Razor Arm is our primary target.  Only when he is dead can we move on and close the portals in the steam tunnels.


This fight is designed to challenge your situational awareness.  You will find it difficult to keep track of your primary target as he teleports around the room while the trash devils and archers harass and distract you.  Thankfully you wont have to worry about any casters amongst the trash, but the archers with their ranged combat skills and the devils with their teleportation ability have the advantage of not needing to run up and down the ramps to the different levels to attack the party.  As with the fight in the bank, casters can fully utilize area of effect spells of every variety to kill and/or control the trash mobs.  Placing lasting area of effect control spells directly onto the portals can help delay arriving trash mobs.  In their pursuit of Razor Arm the melee should feel free to take running swipes at anything and everything.  If Razor Arm is in a position you find difficult to engage him in, then feel free to kill some trash until he moves.


Archers and casters make great party members here as they can constantly fire upon the retreating orthon.  Aside from trying to keep at least some of the trash under control, casters should nuke Razor Arm.  Archers, even part time archers, should take every opportunity to shoot arrows at Razor Arm until they can close into melee range.  The faster the party can kill Razor Arm the less chance the party has of getting strewn about the steam tunnels and the healers will have less problems keeping the party alive.  The trash here are not particularly dangerous, so throw everything you have at Razor Arm.


While you are pursuing and engaging Razor Arm it is helpful for party members to call out where he is in the steam tunnels.  This will allow the melees to more quickly reach him – 12 pairs of eyes working in concert are far more effective than 12 pairs of eyes that don’t communicate.  In particular watch for Razor Arm to teleport to the bottom level of the steam tunnels.  When this happens the entire party should immediately drop to the bottom.  Use this as not only a good opportunity to pounce on the orthon, but as a quick party regrouping.  This will help you keep from getting too spread out.  Once you have finished with Razor Arm clean up the remaining trash.  If everyone is spread out it may be helpful to again group the party at the bottom of the steam tunnels and let the trash come to you.


The tactic of ‘seek and destroy’ is very simple and it works, however it can be somewhat chaotic and can give healers some problems of trying to keep everyone in range.  As much as possible the party should try and travel as a unit in their pursuit of Razor Arm, but people will fall and get separated.  There are however, some other options available to the party.


Instead of using the ‘seek and destroy’ method as described above, you can instead use what I will call the ‘Pulling Method.’  To do this send one person, preferably a good ranger or caster, to begin the fight by engaging Razor Arm.  Give him a quick salvo of spells or arrows and then retreat back up to the zone in point at the very top of the stairs.  The idea is to get the orthon to follow you up to the landing at which point the rest of the party charges and engages the orthon.  Until this happens the party can kill the trash that will come.  The puller can either stay in firing line of Razor Arm and work him down a bit, or they can try and block his firing line at you.  The first method allows you to continue firing at Razor Arm, but the second choice tends to accelerate his movement towards the landing as he tries to get a clear shot.  As with the ‘seek and destroy’ method, once Razor Arm reaches the landing throw everything you have at him.  If you are lucky and your party is strong you may be able to slay the orthon before he teleports away.  If he does teleport you can either stay on the landing and try to repull him ranging him until he returns or you can break into the ‘seek and destroy’ method.


Pulling Razor Arm to the top landing keeps the party together and gives you a much wider area within which to attack.  Falling off is almost not something to worry about except for when Razor Arm buffets everyone away.  Even then most of the party will hit the walls and be able to quickly reengage Razor Arm.  It can however take longer if Razor Arm continually teleports away from the party and takes a bit of time to travel back to the upper level.  For this reason I like to start the fight by pulling Razor Arm up to the top level.  Once he teleports away I try and figure out where he has gone.  Before the party goes chasing after him I want him to either be on the top walkway or on the bottom floor for a quick reengaging of the whole party.  Until then I have the party range him from the landing and engage what trash finds its way to the top.  Once Razor Arm teleports to a location easy to reach I have the party use the ‘seek and destroy method.’


Once everything is dead head down the bottom of the steam tunnels to loot, shrine, and prepare for the final battle.


That will end this week’s Epic Education.  If you have any questions, comments, or corrections you can email me at that’s all one word.   Join me next time as I finsh discussing epic Chronoscope.  Thanks for listening


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