Epic Education Episode 9: The Chronoscope pt 2

Hello and welcome to Epic Education – a show of tips and tactics for surviving epic content.  I’m your guide Shamgar and this is Episode 9: “The Chronoscope pt 2” alternatively titled “Tactical Banking”


Last time we crossed the marketplace into the Marketplace bank.  Once you make it to the bank you should wait just inside the door for everyone to arrive.  If you haven’t shrined and you need to, head to the Phoenix tavern just around the corner. 


The market place bank is the site of the first boss fight in the Chronoscope.  Lets make sure we have some buffs before we start.  The casters in this part will mainly use electric and fire AoE spells and the archers will be using cold arrows so lets get those 3 resistances.  Blurs and displacements will also be very good here as there will be a lot of activity and devils – and the boss doesn’t have truesight so it will protect against him as well.  Also, make sure you have a disease immunity item on if you are a melee.  The boss has a disease guard effect.


Your main opponent will be Bloodplate – an orthon who is rather proud of his set of armor.  He is a pretty standard orthon but he doesn’t teleport around the room.  Instead he teleports to safety every minute or so for a breather.  If you look up above the center bank station you can see him on his perch.  The time between Bloodplate’s retreats is what we will call a round.  Once Bloodplate is dead the fight will wind down and end.


Bloodplate is guarded by a team of devils and tieflings.  They are the same as you have already been fighting in the Marketplace.  Each round more of them spawn.  Each spawn consists of a handful of devils, a pair of tiefling archers, and a pair of tiefling arcane casters.  Once Bloodplate is dead the trash mobs will stop spawning.  They also will not respawn if you don’t kill them so using flesh to stone can be a viable option.  However they are not too difficult to kill and each one is worth a chance at a scroll, so most groups prefer to just kill everything.


Each round a pair of tiefling armors will also spawn.  These melee combatants are a little tougher than most tieflings.  However these armors have a special function.  Every time bloodplate retreats he takes any surviving armors with him.  During this brief pause in their participation in combat the armors will heal bloodplate.  If both are alive then he will heal more than if there is only 1, but in either case the boss healing is certainly not ideal.


Hopefully you can see that the trick to this fight is all about target selection.  The fight doesn’t end until Bloodplate is dead, so he needs to be a primary target.  However, if you only fight him and ignore the armorers you will have a tough time killing him as 2 armorers can heal what most average parties can do in damage.  And we can’t forget the casters.  If you let them they will blast the party into a charred mound of ashes.


So then we need to prioritize targets for our dps.  At the top of our list will be the armorers and casters.  The casters are the most dangerous enemies and the armorers function as the boss’s healer so lets get them out of the way quickly.  Next will be Bloodplate.  Since the trash stop respawning once he’s dead we have to kill him or the fight will never end.  If all the casters and armorers are dead and Bloodplate has withdrawn from the fight, then we will focus on the devils and archers.  You should have plenty of time in between rounds to clean up at least most of the devils and archers.  Otherwise they only serve as distractions.  If you choose you can select a main tank to always engage Bloodplate when he is down, but this is not necessary.


While the main party concentrates their dps on the casters, armorers and bloodplate, the party’s casters can use some crowd control on the trash to mitigate the damage they are doing to the party.  Alternatively they can use instant kill spells (though some of the trash does have deathblock) or just nuke the trash.  Personally however, I am rather partial to dropping some area of effect crowd control while I nuke bloodplate.  If the melees are doing a good job with their targeting selection they should quickly all be attacking Bloodplate and with a higher concentration of players around Bloodplate the devils will tend to teleport in that vicinity.  This allows casters not only to cast spells like mass hold monster on Bloodplate and hit the devils, but it means their area of effect damage spells will hit both Bloodplate and the trash.  In any case, casters should be using their area of effect spells to their full advantage here.  This battle will be somewhat chaotic and the ability to hit multiple targets at once regardless of what types of spells you are using will help keep the chaos to a minimum.


Now lets talk about where to fight within the bank.  The bank is a surprisingly large room.  Most adventurers never have need to go up the stairs in the back, but if you’ve never gone past the bankers you may be surprised to see that the area behind the bankers is almost as large as the main floor area between them.  The trash will all spawn from 3 portals up the stairs in the back – 1 portal each to the left and the right and one in the center.  One option is to run up to the portals after the first round is over.  This tactic has the advantage of being able to lay down lasting crowd control spells like discoball and web directly on the portals to catch the trash mobs as they spawn and it will give you a little extra time to kill trash before Bloodplate comes down – though it may be a little tougher to find him when he does.  You can either split the party into sub groups each covering one of the portals or stay as one party and just choose one portal to start with and move on to the next one when appropriate.  The center portal only spawns devils however, so following our target selection rules we can ignore this portal and let those devils come to the party.


The other option is to stay on the main bank floor.  This has the advantage of keeping the party closer together in an open area reducing the chances of the healers getting blocked.  The trash will come down the stairs to you though sometimes the casters will spend more time casting spells at you than coming down the stairs once they are in range so the melee may have to go to them for the quick kill.  Bloodplate also tends to teleport down in this vicinity so you will be closer to him.  If you choose the main floor of the bank as your preferred battleground, casters should not lay down any lasting crowd control spells on the stairs.  In this case we want the trash mobs to come to us.  Having to run up the stairs will be counter productive.


Having tried both tactics I can say that I prefer the latter.  Staying on the main floor of the bank is not only simpler to convey to the party, but having all 3 portal spawns funnel into 1 group makes it a little easier for the casters to land crow control and allows them to control 1 slightly larger area instead of needing to control 2 or 3 smaller areas out of range from the other.


Once you have succeeded in killing Bloodplate clean up whatever trash mobs are left.  If you killed him just before he would have withdrawn again you may have to dispatch one last wave of trash.  You can anticipate if this is going to happen by paying attention to the DM text.  If he says his tagline about needing replacement armorers you may want to hold off on looting the chests just yet.  Once the trash is taken care of, shrine and loot and then head back to the phoenix tavern.


O, on your way out, don’t forget to get the key from the banker…it is what you came for after all.


And if during the fight things get too out of hand for you, it is possible to retreat out of the bank back into the marketplace.  However, you can only do so in between rounds.  Once Bloodplate comes down from his perch a magical barrier will block the door.


That will end this week’s Epic Education.  If you have any questions, comments, or corrections you can email me at that’s all one word.   Join me next time as I continue discussing epic Chronoscope.  Thanks for listening


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