Epic Education Episode 8: The Chronoscope pt 1

Hello and welcome to Epic Education – a show of tips and tactics for surviving epic content.  I’m your guide Shamgar and this is Episode 8: “The Chronoscope pt1” alternatively titled “Crossing the Street”


Normally a level 6 raid, the chronoscope can be found in the marketplace near the airship tower.  The quest itself is based off of the devil invasion of the market place.  This was an event several years back that included the release of the devils roaming the marketplace, the disappearance of Nat Gann, and culminated in the destruction of the old market place tent – all three of which are woven into the quest storyline


The Chronoscope raid is currently the only epic raid that does not require flagging.  The Chronoscope is also unique amongst raids because it is almost entirely a map made up of public spaces.  This makes the Chronoscope an easy raid to get your feet wet.  The main area of the quest between boss fights is essentially the marketplace, albeit with the sugar coating of a disaster area for flavor.  There are also boss fights in the marketplace bank and the steam tunnels and you’ll also be going to the phoenix tavern and the rusty nail.  Before you venture into the Chronoscope for the first time it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the layout of the market and where these 4 locations are.  Poke your head inside those places too.  Knowing where you are and where you are going will be a great advantage if you are new to the quest and its important that you don’t get lost and run around willy nilly.


What you face in the Chronoscope is intended to challenge the skills and coordination of a group.  In many ways The Chronoscope was designed to be a training ground for raid tactics and mechanics.  There are 3 boss fights and each adds a new mechanic to the previous one.  Before we fight the bosses however we must first get to them.  And for that we must learn how to cross the street in the market place.


When you zone into the Chronoscope you will be on a boat docked at the magical device itself.  You can head up into the device where Nelle Gann is, nothing will happen until you talk with both Nelle and Professor Tremas.  Take a moment to grab some buffs.  Cold, fire, electric and acid resistances will all be needed, and you will want to get blur and/or displacement, death ward, and protection from evil.  Spell Resistance and Holy Aura will also be handy.  If you can cast it, a night shield or shield spell will also be great for stopping magic missiles.


Once you talk and let the exposition play out a party of tieflings led by an orange named bearded devil will attack.  Most of the tieflings are either melee or archers with frost arrows.  There are however 2 casters in this group – an arcane and a divine.  They will be the 2 to the right of the Chronoscope when you came up the ramp.  These should be your first 2 targets.  The arcane mage likes to cast chain lightning, magic missiles, and enervations – all of which will be mitigated or blocked by your buffs.  The Divine acolyte favors blade barrier and greater command.  That protection from evil will keep you from laying down during this brief fight.  The rest of this attacking party are fairly easy to control and kill.  Once the fight is over a portal will be opened in the center of the Chronoscope.


This Portal will take you to the marketplace by the steam tunnels.  However, this market place is a little different than the one you are used to – this is the marketplace from several years ago back when the marketplace tent was still here and instead of townsfolk you will find an army of devils.  If you go around the corner to the Rusty nail you will find your way blocked by a member of the twelve and a magical barrier.  Someone will need to go into the rusty nail and through the dimension door inside up to the Command post of the twelve to advance the story and gain access to the marketplace.  On your way note that there is a shrine in the rusty nail should you have need  of it.  As they are doing this refresh any buffs that you need to.  With the barrier down we can proceed to the Phoenix Tavern and the Marketplace bank – it’s a short block down the street, but the way is filled with shavarath’s forces.


Tieflings and Bearded devils will be the primary opposition throughout the quest.  They will be pretty much exactly like those you have already killed but will vary in numbers.  Bearded devils have better saves than their tiefling comrades as well as damage reduction so you’ll need either a good or silver weapon.  You will also find that all of the bosses have similar damage reduction.  Keep an eye out for the arcane and divine casters and try and kill or neutralize them quickly.  If they sneak up on you they can wreak havoc.


The greatest threat in the marketplace are the abishi.  These winged creatures will not only attack from above, but they have considerable range with their spells.  They will rain down chain lightnings, acid blasts, and fireballs on your party with speed that can quickly obliterate an unaware party.  Whats even more challenging is that they are often hesitant to come down to the ground preferring to hover above the party out of the reach of the melees.  If you have evasion and are able to range them to grab agro you can get their attention and then stand away from the rest of your party to protect them.  Casters should either nuke them or attempt to land some crowd control – but this can be difficult due to their high saves and spell resistance.  The party needs to deal with the Abishi quickly, but sometimes that means continuing on ahead or retreating to get behind buildings safe from the abishis spells.


As we make our way to the other side of the marketplace we need to be cautiously fast.  If we travel too quickly the party will get spread out and will be poorly equipped to handle the attacking mobs.  If we travel too slowly the mobs will keep coming.  We need to stay together in a fairly tight group so we can quickly and efficiently slay those in our path and we need to be vigilantly aware of where the enemies are coming from.  If you find yourself straggling behind catch up and bring whatever you are fighting to the rest of the group so they can help you – unless you have a large contingent of enemies in which case it may be better if you die away from the party and run to them for a rez..  If you find yourself ahead of the pack slow down.  There are many ways to get to the Phoenix Tavern but our goal in this part of the quest is to move quickly but safely and to keep the number of enemies we are fighting to a minimum.  Above all, keep your eyes open as you cross the streets of the Marketplace and don’t forget to look up for abishi.  Situational awareness, target selection, and agro management are all very crucial in the marketplace.  Dungeon alert can be deadly here particularly because of the trash mobs during the boss fights.  Summons and pets, like most all raids, are a bad idea – the last thing you need is someone you cant control running around and finding large pockets of monsters to kill and raising the dungeon alert suddenly.


There are a couple of optionals the party can do in the marketplace and they give you extra chests at the end of the quest and involve killing more mobs which give more chances for scrolls to drop.  However, most actual parties are interested in completing the raid and these chests don’t drop any seals or shards and it is usually far more efficient to farm for scrolls in smaller parties.  For these reasons most parties will ignore the optionals and head straight for the Phoenix tavern and the bank via the shortest route possible.  In either case, know that the doors to the other sections of stormreach tend to be spawn points for the devils, so expect to find large pockets of mobs at those locations.


Once you reach the west side of the market, if you need to shrine go into the phoenix tavern and use the shrine in there.  Someone will also need to go to the back of the tavern to do some talking to advance the quest.  Everyone who doesn’t need to shrine can just go into the bank and wait for those that are to catch up.  Wait just inside the bank door so you don’t begin the next portion of the quest.


One final closing tip.  If you need to run across the market alone use an invisibility pot or clicky to attract less attention.


That will end this week’s Epic Education.  If you have any questions, comments, or corrections you can email me at that’s all one word.   Join me next time as I continue discussing Epic Chronoscope.  Thanks for listening.


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