Epic Education Episode 7: The Plane of Night pt 2

Hello and welcome to Epic Education – a show of tips and tactics for surviving epic content.  I’m your guide Shamgar and this is Episode 7: “The Plane of Night: Part 2” alternatively titled “Epic Dragon Slaying”


Last time we discussed how to run the bases in the Plane of Night.  Having done so successfully the way is now open to face Velah – the red dragon.


After successfully destroying all 3 pillars we returned to home base, the zone in point for the raid.  While we regroup here we want to stand behind the rocky perimeter of the island to be protected from velahs continuing fireballs.


Depending on how long your bard songs last and how long it took you to run the bases you may need to refresh songs.  Those who perished will need rebuffs as well.  Since you’re going to fight a red dragon, a fire resist would be wise.  You will also need a deathward.  Get a fresh haste and rage and then start heading towards Velahs island.  As you approach Velah will land and ready herself for your assault.


When you get to her island you will first encounter a doorway of sorts.  Step in past the threshold– this door will close shortly after the Velah lands.  Many parties will gather up here to make sure everyone makes it in, but if you wait here too long Velah will become active.  Directly in front of you stands Velah.  To either side is a large rock – remember these, they will be important later.  With that – its time to Charge!


Velah is a sizable dragon.  Melee characters should stand just in front of her head and attack from there.  You can ignore the rest of her.  You need to stay close together though to benefit from mass heals.  Velahs melee attacks cleave so everyone there will get hit.  She also has a area of effect wing attack that hits the entire battlefield.  Its a less powerful attack than her claws and bite, but it can knock you down.  If no one is challenging her in melee for a while, Velah will begin casting spells like comet fall.  Velah is a proud dragon, she demands attention. 


Her most deadly attack however is her breath weapon.  Every 30 seconds or so she will sweep the battlefield twice with her fire breath.  This attack has a high reflex save and does quite a bit of fire damage.  It will also hit you with a debuff that makes you more vulnerable to fire and it will dispel you – and both of these effects have no save.  That means if you get hit in the first sweep and survive, the second sweep will hit you for more.  To give you an idea of the damage my FTR rests at around 650 hps.  He survived the first sweep…but the second sweep dropped him to more than 1000 negative hitpoints.  It is possible to survive velahs breath attack, but this should be considered an advanced maneuver.


Those that do not wish to be turned into a crispy dragon snack should retreat behind one of the 2 rocks.  Velah has a tell for this special attack, fire and smoke will come from her nostrils about 5-10 seconds before her attack and this will typically be followed by several calls of ‘fire’.  Most people prefer to gather behind the rock to the left because the second sweep clears that rock before the other one.  She will occasionally also fake her fire attack.  She indicate she is ready to breathe fire, sending you scurrying for cover but won’t do her attack.  In either case, once the coast is clear, head back in and continue the beat down.  These cycles are typically refered to as rounds.


Every once in a while 2 red named fire reavers will spawn.  While they don’t pose too much of a threat but they do need to be dealt with.  Heres 2 tactics for dealing with the trash.


The first is a main tank/trash killer strategy.  One melee, the main tank, will always engage velah to prevent her from spamming spells.  The rest of the DPS will kill the trash.  If you are using this strategy it may be helpful to designate a secondary tank in case the first one perishes.


The second strategy is to designate one or 2 people to essentially kite the trash.  Usually this is a proficient caster or 2.  They can easily kite the trash through firewalls or ice storms.  When fire is called try and bring the trash behind the rock with the rest of the party so they can help kill the trash while they are waiting for Velah to finish her special attack.


Some parties will assign healers to heal in turns.  One does mass heals while the rest spot heal and when the first person is out of spell points they switch roles with one of the other healers.  When rezzing don’t use raise dead, its only asking to be killed again by Velahs wing attack.


Compared to the bases this fight is actually pretty easy.  Velah has a lot of hit points so it will take a party several rounds to kill her, but it is an easy exercise once you have the rhythm down.  Generally the most exciting part is trying to kill her just before she breathes fire.  Once you have slain Velah any remaining trash will die – but don’t take too long to loot because the trash mobs will continue to spawn.


And one closing warning.  As you run up to engage velah do not shoot at her.  If you do it will start her timer for when she breathes fire – and the time it takes a party to run up to the door seems to coincide with that first sweep of fire!


That will end this week’s Epic Education.  If you have any questions, comments, or corrections you can email me at that’s all one word.   Join me next time as I begin discussing Epic Chronoscope.  Thanks for listening.

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