Epic Education Episode 6: The Plane of Night pt 1

Hello and welcome to Epic Education – a show of tips and tactics for surviving epic content.  I’m your guide Shamgar and this is Episode 6: “The Plane of Night: Part 1” alternatively titled “Running the Bases”


Today I’ll actually be discussing an Epic quest.  And not just any quest, but a raid – the Plane of Night!  This episode will only cover the first phase of the raid which involves what is argueably the most challenging exercise in group coordination.  After completing this phase the way to the epic dragon will be opened.


The plane of Night is normally a level 10 raid and can be found in House K.  Its more commonly refered to as the dragon raid or von 6 (short for vault of night part 6).  To access it your party will first have to complete the pre raid the von 5 because the actual entrance to this raid is at the end of von 5.  Most groups will simply run von 5 on normal for the sake of time and ease.


For an ideal party we will want 2-3 healers, a bard, 1-2 casters and the rest DPS.  A bard can double as one of your healers and you can of course take extras of the various classes.  A couple of people with evasion will also be beneficial.


When you zone into the plane of night you will find yourself on a floating island of rock with a bridge directly in front of you.  This is commonly referred to as ‘home base.’  You can move around but don’t start running on the bridge just yet.  The quest area is actually quite small.  Imagine a baseball diamond and you will have the basic layout of the entire quest.  There are 4 floating islands at each base (hence the designation of bases) connected to each other by a series of bridges representing the base paths.  There is also a larger island in the middle of the diamond where the pitchers plate would be and it is accessed by a bridge from the direction of home base – where we are now.  This center platform is currently blocked by a barrier.  Our objective here is to take down this barrier.


On each of the 3 bases there is a pillar.  All 3 pillars must be destroyed at roughly the same time.  As soon as one of the pillars is destroyed it starts a short timer and when that time runs out all of the pillars are restored to full health.


Each of these pillars is guarded by 4 monsters.  First base is guarded by fire elementals, second by air mephitis, and third by ice flensers.  If you kill any of these monsters they will simply respawn.  Their attacks are fairly predictable for their type and are mostly area of effects.  The air mephitis also spawn additional mephits


But wait theres more!  Because we are running this on epic there is also a djinn on each base.  As long as this djinn is alive the pillar we need to destroy is protected by a magical barrier.  The Djinni do not move around the base but they do enjoy casting chain lightning almost non stop at whoever they are aggroed on.  If that person leaves the base the djinn can cast a ray that will teleport them back to the djinn.  They can also hit you with their big sword.  After you kill a djinn it will respawn after a short time so your window to kill the pillars is brief.


Theres one final complication.  As soon as we leave home base Velah, the dragon we are here to slay, will take flight above the center island and begin shooting fireballs.  Generally she will shoot at the largest concentration of adventurers.  The bases because of their rocky rim will mostly protect you from these blasts.  The bridges however are not only fully exposed, but they burn.  If a section of bridge is hit too many times by Velah it will be destroyed leaving only a series of small floating rocks that only the bravest of adventurers should attempt to traverse.  Each section of bridge between the bases is in 2 sections that can be destroyed.


If you fall you have only one chance.  There is a small platform beneath the center platform that you can land on.  The only way back up is a dimension door.  If you miss this platform you will fall to your death and end up in the market place out of the raid.  Its also worth noting that if you are already dead and in ghost form you can still fall out of the raid and you cannot stand on the lower platform – so if you are carrying soulstones don’t stand on that platform very long.


So- Lets begin!


We will start by doing some buffing.  Everyone will need fire and electric resistance.  Anyone who will be going to 3rd base will also need a cold resist and a freedom of movement.  The djinni are displaced so melees will also need a truesight.  If you are capable of casting a cold shield on yourself do so.  Get your bard songs, a haste, and a rage and then we are off.


Here is our basic strategy.  The party will travel from base to base and prep each djinn down to about 10% or so.  We don’t want to kill him just yet.  The bard will fascinate the trash mobs so don’t attack them.  Again, do not attack the trash on the bases, the idea is to control them not to repetitively kill them.  Those wielding 2 handers should be especially wary of where they are swinging to avoid breaking the fascinate.  Casters should help the bard control the mobs by using irresistible dance or hypnotism.  Irresistable dance is particularly helpful for mobs that are close to the djinn and being hit by glancing blows.  Healers will want to stand on the opposite side of whom ever has the djinns agro to avoid being hit by chain lightning.  Once the djinn is prepped fascinate any of the mobs that are still active.


Lets talk about some tips for getting a base under control before we move on.  The fascinating bard should begin their song as they are running up to the base to shorten the amount of time the trash mobs are active.  To minimize the damage to the party the bard should lead everyone onto the base.  If you are quick on your feat and jump to the side as you get to the base you can avoid the djinns lightning bolt.  By having the bard lead the party to each base you can also clearly communicate to the party when you are ready to move on to the next base.  Alternatively you can have an evasion character lead the bard so they get the trash mobs agro.  In either case 1 person will be designated to lead the party to each base, so follow them.  Ideally the person leading should try and draw the trash away from the djinn to reduce the chances of the melee hitting them.

If you accidently kill the djinn you can either wait as a party to reprep him, or the group you will be leaving behind will prep him – either way he will have fewer hitpoints.    If you have djinn agro don’t jump around the base.  Pick a spot and stay there.  If you want to jump around to avoid the lightning do so in a very small area.  Let everyone else adjust to you and get out of chain lightning range.  The worst thing you can do in this situation is do laps around the base ensuring everyone gets hit by lightning – especially your healer who is trying to cast a heal scroll on you to conserve spell points.  Finally, stay off the bridges and stay on the base.  If you stand on the bridge velah will pelt it with fireballs and destroy it.  Stay off the bridges until the designated person runs to the next base.


Now we have a base fascinated, under control and the djinn is prepped.  We will leave behind a couple of people while the rest of the party continues on to the next base.  Generally this is refered to as the 12-8-4 or 12-9-6 strategy depending on how many people you will leave behind.  These assignments will be made before you leave home base.  Each party left behind will ideally include someone with evasion, a healer, and 1 other DPS.  If you have a lot of people with evasion try and leave behind a party of folks with evasion to mitigate their damage – just make sure the people you leave behind can kill the djinn and then kill the pillar in a fairly quick manner. 


While this party is waiting the djinn will be continually shooting lightning.  If his target has evasion, just stand away from him and allow everyone else to stand on the otherside of the base.  The healer should have no problem keeping you up.  If the target does not have evasion someone who does should stand directly in front of the djinn to take the blasts and protect the other party member.  Some parties will also leave behind a caster to control any mobs that break.  I generally prefer to have the casters with the advancing party to help the bard and rely on speed to prevent the trash from breaking.  In this case, if the trash breaks the evasion person should grab all their agro and keep them in a tight corner of the base to protect the rest of their mini party.


The rest of the party will continue to the other 2 bases and repeat the process.  Once the final djinn is prepped kill all the djinns and then the pillars.  When the pillars are all destroyed the trash mobs will all die, except for any summoned mephitis.  If your base has a dimension door take that to the beginning.  If one is not available run to a base that has one or just run to home base.  Of to the right of where you zoned in is a large rock that will protect you from velahs fireballs.


It doesn’t really matter if we start at 1st and travel to 3rd or if we start from 3rd and travel to 1st.  I generally prefer 1st to 3rd because I consider the fire elementals to be the most deadly and I want all my healers available to get that base under control.


Lets close by discussing a couple of variations.


The first variant is to have your fascinating bard be your healer on the last base.  If this is the case don’t rush in and start attacking the djinn.  Give your bard a moment to finish fascinating so they are ready to heal.  If any trash does break don’t attempt to re-fascinate, use irresistible dance instead because the casting time is much shorter.  Any casters on this base should be helping with controlling the trash.


The second variant is to make one base a WF party.  This turns a caster into a healer, though if trash breaks then your healer is probably also going to be trying to crowd control so be aware of that.


A third variant is to leave behind an invisible caster instead of a mini party at the first, maybe even second base.  By staying invisible the djinn will generally not notice you.  When it comes time to kill the djinn, dont use area of effect spells lest you break the fascinated mobs.  Generally if the rest of the party has done their job a polar ray or 2 will kill the djinn and then you can hit the pillar with a disintegrate or 2.  If you use this option its important that the rest of the party leave the base well prepped.  Make sure everything is fascinated and the djinn is nice and prepped – maybe even down to 5%.  Also, casters be ware – sometimes the fascinated mobs will start wandering around the base.


Another variant is to split into 2 groups – some people go to 3rd and some people go to 1st.  After those bases are prepped the group going to second does so – sometimes this is people from just one of the groups, sometimes it is people from both groups, but it usually always includes a bard.  This variation is viable, but unless you brought 2 bards it means a caster will be responsible for crowd control on at least one base.  This is doable, but their spells will wear off faster than a bards fascinate and is in my experience far more difficult.  I find this method to be less safe and only about 1-2 minutes faster when done correctly if that.


And one final closing tip – if things start going badly don’t be afraid to grab stones and regroup at home base.


That will end this week’s Epic Education.  If you have any questions, comments, or corrections you can email me at that’s all one word.   Join me next time as I continue discussing the Plane of Night.  Thanks for listening.

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